Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Must Have Clothes for Summer 2019 - Guest Post by Ankur Patel

In addition to raising hype for nights out and temperatures, summer comes with the challenge to dress up. It’s still a wonder how summer can rob you off the capacity to shake off the urge to shop for new outfits. While clothes are everywhere, it is quite a challenge to dress on summer. The proof is around you; see how people get it wrong. You might also fall in the category of people but it’s understandable. It’s already hard enough thinking of clothes to wear and impress daily and choosing your fabric by the yard.

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

First Week of Fall!

Hey Beauty Bees,

Unfortunately I do not have a new post for you this week as life has been super crazy between classes, work and home life. With my come back to blogging I knew that there was going to be weeks that I had to skip since I know I have many responsibilities that I must uphold before blogging.

However, instead of skipping this week altogether and it being the first week of fall, I am going to share some of my past fall inspired posts.

I hope you enjoy them and Happy Fall!