Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Skin Care Essential Products for 2021


During the difficult and dark pandemic winter it can be hard to see any signs of optimism. This can so easily translate into other aspects of our lives and cause us to neglect our self-care. But the opposite needs to happen. Instead of worrying about an uncertain future it's a better idea to take action now. Instead of wallowing, why not intensify your self-care practice and really shine in this dark time. Below are some fantastic skincare treatments to help you out. 

Wednesday, September 30, 2020

A Few Lifestyle Practices That Can Keep You Young

For as far back into history as anyone can tell, mankind has been deeply invested in – if not outright obsessed by – the “secret to youth,” and the desire to stay as young as possible, as late into life as possible.

Just consider some of the ancient myths and legends that come down to us from the past, including themes like “fountains of eternal youth,” “elixirs of youth,” and more.

Of course, ageing is inevitable – but there are in fact a lot of things that you can do that can help to slow the general ageing process, and keep you looking and feeling great, as the years move by.

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Top 5 Apps For Beauty Lovers

Beauty lovers simply can’t resist adding to their beauty product collection, whether it’s a new lipstick shade or the latest self-tanner. If you haven’t explored the world of beauty apps yet, then you’ll certainly want to give these five a try!

Friday, September 11, 2020

5 Awesome Ways to Treat Yourself After a Tough Year

2020 has been one of the hardest years that many of us have ever had to face. Even if you’ve managed to stay healthy, you might know people who have been ill. You might have lost your job or otherwise worried about your finances. You might know people who have been seriously affected by the pandemic. If you’ve got kids, you might have become their teacher, as well as a full-time caregiver. You may have even been doing all of this while working from home. It’s been hard. Even if we take away COVID-19, the year has been turbulent, and if you are ready to see the back of it, you’re not alone. 

Things are still very uncertain, and you might feel a little lost. But, you deserve a big treat, we all do, and this is a great time to take it.