Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Boston Beauty Buzz 2014 Yearly Recap

Hey Beauty Bees,

It is the last day of the year and today is always a day of reflection for me. I think about everything that has happened during the past year, good or bad. I shake off all the bad days and remember all the great ones, letting myself know that a brand new year is just a day away and I can make it better than the one before.

I decided to do this with my blog as well. Almost do a little awards ceremony for some of the posts from this year. I have come up with some different categories and I will assign one of the many posts I have written this year, along with the link for you guys to check them out yourselves!!

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Beauty Buzz Trial - Ipsy Bag December 2014 "Thinking of You"

Hey Beauty Bees,

I am back again to do this month's Ipsy bag review. I must say it took an extremely long time to get my bag this month since the holidays made mail service go extremely slow. Nevertheless, it is here and I could not wait to rip it open and show you what I got. 

If you have not heard of this monthly beauty subscription take a look at this past post for more info.

Monday, December 29, 2014

Boxing Day Haul

Hey Beauty Bees,

Once again Christmas has come and gone, with that comes my second favorite day of the year...Boxing Day. Sales galore begin in just about every store and of course I could not wait to get in there and check them out. 

My future Maid of Honor and I took to the mall extremely early in the morning and enjoyed a day of shopping and girl talk! We both made it out of there with an arm full of bags and an empty wallet but it was definitely well worth it. 
Here are all the goodies I was able to get my hands on:

Saturday, December 27, 2014

What I Got For Christmas Haul

Hey Beauty Bees,

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and that Santa spoiled you greatly!! I had the best couple of days spending it with my family and friends, exchanging gifts and eating ALOT of food. TBH I feel like I do not need to eat until New Years after all the delicious food that was consumed in the last three days alone.

While finally settling down after the last few days, I decided I could not wait to share with you guys all the gifts I had received this year. As well as the gifts I bought during Boxing Day using any money or gift cards I received the day earlier (Which will have a separate post for it self, following this one).

I absolutely love reading blog posts and watching Youtube videos of Christmas Hauls. Please know that I am in no way trying to brag or show off.  This is simply sharing with you the gifts I was given, nothing more.  I am very grateful for my family’s generosity and thoughtfulness.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Blogmas #24 - Merry Christmas!!

Hey Beauty Bees,

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone and their families!! I hope you all have a great day and enjoy all the presents you get as well as the time spent with your family.

This is my final post for my Blogmas series this year and I hope you all enjoyed it. If you missed any of them, check them out below.

I will be posting a Christmas haul sometime this weekend as well as a Boxing day haul followingl!!

Leave me a comment below letting me know what Santa got you this year.

Blogmas Series:

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Blogmas #23 - My First Ever Gingerbread House

Hey Beauty Bees,

Once again I am posting late, I have been so bad at keeping to schedule these last few days. Just shows how busy it really is during the Christmas season. I almost decided to skip this post altogether but I just could not let myself since I only have 2 days left.

Today, my brother and I made our first ever gingerbread house and I absolutely loved it. I plan on doing it every single year now. We definitely had alot of fun decorating the house after we built it and we plan on displaying it on our kitchen table for the next few days.

I found this gingerbread house kit from Winners for only $8. All of there Christmas items were already discounted for 30%.
Here is what comes inside: Gingerbread house pieces, icing packet, candy balls and candy jube jubes.
Did you make a gingerbread house this year? Send me some pics to my twitter - @leepoe

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Monday, December 22, 2014

Blogmas #22 - My Christmas Traditions

Hey Beauty Bees,

It is only 3 days left until Christmas!! I just finished wrapping the last of the presents I bought for people and it got me thinking about what will be going on the next few days.

There are alot of traditions that my family has for Christmas time. Every year my Aunt, Uncle and cousins from Windsor swap which day they spend at my Nonna/Nonno's house with my immediate family. Since my Dad's side of the family lives in Italy, we spend both days with my grandparents on my Mom's side. 

Every Christmas Eve my Nonna makes a huge Italian dinner, which consists mostly of fish since we do not eat meat on this day. It is always funny since there are a few people in the family who do not like fish so they usually get something else but of course we still have pasta. Usually it is ricotta and spinach filled cannelloni. There are also a ton of other things that we make only today like fish salad and crespelles. 

Blogmas #21 - My 100th Post!!

Hey Beauty Bees,

I know I said that every Blogmas post was going to be Christmas related, but I did not realize that I was going to reach my 100th post during this series. I will be straying away from the said topic and having more of a sit down diary type blog for you guys.

To start I just wanted to thank each and every one of you who has read even one of my posts. It actually means so much to me that you take the smallest amount of time to come see what I have to say. It also means so much to hear from you guys through comments or even just the likes or share through all social media.

Writing is more than a hobby to me, it is something I absolutely love and enjoy doing, to the point where I hope to one day make it my career. At first I started this blog to really just occupy my time while I was not working but it has grown to be something way more to me. I actually wake up every morning with more ideas and can not wait to jump on my tablet or computer and create some sort of entertaining post for you guys. With every post I am seeing more and more views, it is so cool to see the growth between my first post and where I am now. I have learned so much through my own want to succeed as well as reading and becoming followers of other great blogs. It amazes me even more how awesome of a blogging community is out there and how supportive everyone is for each other. I extremely enjoyed working with other bloggers through guest posts and can not wait to continue that in the new year.

I also want to give a huge thanks to every single one of the companies I have worked with since I started writing this blog and all the amazing products I have been able to test out to write reviews. I honestly never thought this would get to the point where I would actually get to work with companies and get to expand my name through them as well.

Lastly, I need to give a special thanks to my soon to be Hubby, Chris. He has been supporting me day in and out. He has also stuck through all the days when all I can think or talk about is the blog!!

6 Months, 100 Posts, 35000+ views, and many many new followers on all my social media accounts. Boston Beauty Buzz has made it through these accomplishments and I can not wait to make it bigger and better!!

Thank you again to everyone who has had any part in this journey I am on, whether a reader, follower, supporter or partner. You are the ones who have gotten me this far and you are the ones who I love writing for!

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Blogmas #20 - The Winter Tag

Hey Beauty Bees,

Tomorrow is the first day of Winter and it sure does not feel like it here. The temperature is cool but not too extreme and we do not have any snow yet. No "White Christmas" for me this year. Tomorrow is also my Mom's birthday which is funny because she can not stand Winter and she is reminded every year when her birthday rolls around.

With a new season, comes a new tag post with all different questions. If you are a blogger looking to do a tag for Winter, try out this one.

Do you like the cold?
No!! I love the look of snow and watching it fall...from inside a warm house with a cup of hot chocolate. You would think being born in Canada would make me use to cold winters, but I still do not like it.

What is your most worn Winter nail polish?
My most worn nail polish in the Winter is usually an icy blue color. I just recently bought Essie's "Bikini So Teeny" and have been loving it. I also love to use alot of sparkly or metallic colors such as gold or silver.

What is your favorite clothing item in Winter?
Sweaters! I asolutely love wearing different kind of sweaters. Cardigans, crew necks, hoodies, and any other type you can think of, I most likely got. My closet currently crying at the amount of sweaters I have in there. Check out the post I did on sweaters.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Blogmas #19 - A Walk Through the Celebration of Lights

Hey Beauty Bees,

Once again I am posting very late into the day but this is because it took me until tonight to get down to the Celebration of Lights. Every year my home town of Sarnia decorates Centennial Park in different Christmas lights along the park path and I have never missed it. It was very different walking through this year since there was no snow, but it still gave me a boost of Christmas excitement. Here are some of the pictures I was able to snap. Sorry for any blurry ones, no matter how steady I tried to keep the camera the wind won over.

What type of festive activities does your city put on during the Holiday season?

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Blogmas #18 - Christmas Decor from Pinterest

Hey Beauty Bees,

I will be honest and say I have been very lazy today and almost forgot to start writing today's post. This week I have been working the overnight shifts, so this is why posts are have been going up at all different times of the day.

Today, I have mostly been relaxing while spending way to much time on Pinterest. I have been stuck on it for a couple hours now looking at some amazing Christmas decor that I wish I could have for my apartment. Since I did not have a specific post idea dedicated for Day 18 of blogmas, I figured why not show you what I have been looking at all afternoon.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Blogmas #17 - Stocking Stuffers that Work for Him or Her

Hey Beauty Bees,

How are you doing on your Christmas shopping? We are only 8 days until the big day is here!! I have only 1 gift bought and alot of shopping to do in the next few days. Hopefully I will be able to get it all done in time.

While working in retail, the last few days I have been hearing alot of shoppers beaming about being done their Christmas shopping, except for a few stocking stuffers. This gave me the idea to make a list of stocking stuffers that would work for people of both genders and at any age. I know my personal favorite part of Christmas is opening up my stocking.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Blogmas #16 - Winter Purse Essentials

Hey Beauty Bees,

Is it just me or do you carry a bigger purse in the Winter months too? I have noticed that in the Summer I always have a smaller cross body bag but in the Winter I am usually carrying a bigger shoulder or tote styled bag. It took me until now to realize why.

Between working longer hours, shopping for Christmas presents and visiting with Friends and Family, I seem to be away from home more hours in the day than normal. For this reason I need to carry along more to help me get through my day. As I was cleaning out my bag last night, I came up with a list of items that have been my purse essentials during this Winter season.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Blogmas #15 - The Ugly Christmas Sweater

Hey Beauty Bees,

Christmas time is one of the only times we can usually break out this fashion staple...the Ugly Christmas sweater.

The definition of an "Ugly Christmas sweater" is
any sweater with a Christmas theme that is considered in bad taste, tacky, or gaudy. I could not find a specific creator of the Ugly Christmas sweater but most places say that two icons (or enablers?) stand out for helping start the trend. We have Bill Cosby (as Cliff Huxtable in The Cosby Show) and Chevy Chase (National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation) who made it fashionable to wear these hideously appealing sweaters. Although losing appeal in the 90's, this trend has skyrocketed in the 2000s with the start of Ugly Christmas Sweater Parties.

I thought it would be fun to do a post showing the top 5 best and worst Ugly Christmas sweaters. Best meaning sweaters you could actually wear out and still look fashionable and worst meaning you will for sure win 1st prize in any ugly sweater contest.

The Best
1. American Eagle - Intarsia Critter Sweater ($49.95)
I think this one is just adorable with the little bunny trying to be a reindeer. The sleeves are also a nice detail without being over the top.

2. Aeropostale - LLD Ornaments Sweatshirt ($44.50)
Aeropostale has the cutest Christmas sweaters and I thought this ornament one is a great casual one to pair with some leggings and boots.

This one is once again from Aeropostale but part of Bethany Mota's Holiday line. I think this sweater would be perfect to dress up with a cute skirt or even thrown over a dress.

4. Topshop - Sequin Christmas Tree Sweater ($90)
The addition of the sequins on the Christmas trees was a great way to add extra detail to this sweater and giving it a little bit of sparkle.

5. Wetseal - Festive Mistletoe Sweater Set ($39.90)
I just think this would be an awesome sweater to wear to a party if you were single, since you could stand in the doorway and act as the mistletoe for the night.

The Worst
1. Wildfox - Santa and Elf Baggy Beach Jumper ($108.00)
Usually I love Wildfox sweaters but this Santa suit sweater is just scary.

2. Topshop - Christmas Fairisle Sweater ($75.00)
This next sweater has just way to much going on, also I feel like it would be very frumpy when on.

3. Forever 21 - Holiday Bell & Tree Sweater ($22.90) 
This is probably the best out of the worst sweaters but still a sweater you would pick for the Ugly Christmas Sweater party.

4. Rue 21 - Penguin Party Ugly Christmas Sweater ($21.99)\
This is a sweater yet it looks like a nurses scrub shirt on top of a long sleeve green shirt. I love penguins but even they can not save this sweater.

5. Target - Pom Pom Tree Ugly Christmas Sweater Red ($24.99)
The pom pom embellishments on this sad looking Christmas tree is what sets this sweater on the bad list.

Are you going to any Ugly Christmas Sweater parties this year? Snap a pic of your best Ugly Christmas Sweater and tweet it to me @leepoe1 or link it below.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Blogmas #14 - Gifts for Girls While on a Budget ($10, $20, $30, $40, $50)

Hey Beauty Bees,

Are you having a hard time finding gifts for girls while on a budget? With our economy still working its way out of its recession, alot of people need to put a limit on how much they are going to spend on each person. It definitely can be hard to find certain items for people while on a limit so I have done some of the leg work for you and put together a gift guide. 

Each section has items within a certain price range: $1-$10, $11-20, $21-30, $31-$40 and $41-$50.

$10 and Under

$20 and Under

$30 and Under