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Beauty Buzz Trial - Flirty Fingerz Nail Box Subscription

Hey Beauty Bees,

If you are a lover of nail art design or are just looking for something different to do on your nails, then Flirty Fingerz Nail Box is for you.

What: A nail design kit containing two inspired nail designs and all the tools to create the looks, along with trendy nail wraps.

Cost: $16.95 + shipping

* I received there One Time Nail Design
Subscription Kit. They also have a Monthly Kit ($14.99 + shipping) and a Lil Dolls Monthly Kit for little girls that will begin Fall of 2014.

When I received this package in the mail, the bright pink color of the box made me very excited to jump into it and see what nail goodies I had received. All boxes provide name brand products that are fashionable and trendy!

The first thing I noticed when I had opened the box was Essie's "No Chips Ahead" Chip Free Top Coat. This was a fun surprise as I was not expecting it. Also the fact that I have been in need of a good new top coat, being given the opportunity to test out a new one, an Essie one at that, was awesome. This top coat worked extremely well, giving me a chipless and shiny manicure for a whole week. It went on very smoothly and dried as fast as any other polish.
Value: $8.50

The next item was L'Oreal Paris "Project Runway Limited Edition" The Artsy Muse Nail Stickers. Pheww that was a long name. I love nail stickers and having a new pair to test out will be fun. These specific ones are interested as they have little jewels attached, a detail I have never tried or seen before. Also the design is very glamorous and would be fun to pair with a fancy outfit. I was not able to try them out before I put up this review, but I will say that I have used nail stickers from L'Oreal before and if they are made the same, they work extremely well and are so simple to apply. I remember them lasting around 2 weeks.
Value: $4.00

The next part of the package were two striped mystery bags. Each one containing a nail design card and the tools it would take to create that look.  (I did not try out each design yet but I will be doing separate posts on my attempt on creating each unique nail design. I did however test out the polishes from each bag which will be discussed below.)

Nabi Nail Polish in L. Pink Matte
Mystery Bag #1

This bag included tools to create a Quilted Design. A very unique and interesting look. The nail polish included with this package was from Nabi, a brand I have never heard of. It was a matte pink called 18 L.Pink Matte. I had never tried a matte polish before and it really was a color with no shine what so ever. I really liked it though because it was a bright baby pink and I think this type of polish would work extremely well with a sparkly polish on top, as it would hold better to a matte color then a slippery shiny polish. I tested this polish on my toes and it lasted for about four days before it started to chip, also I forgot to put the topcoat on it so I was very impressed that it stayed so fresh for that long since I had been out and about alot. It also came with a floss pick to create the quilted look.

Value: $5.00

Maybelline Color Show
Nail Polish in
Urban Utopia
Mystery Bag #2

This bag included tools to create a Textured polish look. I would have never thought of this idea and I find it very innovative. The nail polish included with this package was from the Maybelline Color Show line. It was a bluish green called 965 Urban Utopia. I loved the colored from the beginning and loved it even more once it got onto my nails. It was very glossy giving my nails a nice sheen. I tested this polish on my hands and it lasted for a week before it started to chip, I did remember to use the Essie top coat with this one. It also came with a buffing block and a pick. This design uses flour, so it would have been useful if they included a little packet of flour, but I was not upset since it is a regular household item, at least in my house.

Value: $4.00

Polish Testers

Overall, I found the Flirty Fingerz Nail Box subscription to be the best one I have ever seen for nails. In one box I received 3 polishes, 1 set of nail stickers and 3 tools to create 2 looks. They send only name brand polishes so you know your are going to be getting a great deal and polishes that last longer that cheaper versions. I love the fact that they not only send you polishes but also the direction cards and tools to create an interesting design. They step it out very simply so everyone can understand what is needed to do. The packaging was adorable as well. The pink box with striped wrapping was very welcoming, and having each design kit wrapped up on its own also made it feel like you got presents within a present. I would highly recommend this subscription to every person out there. I feel like it would be the perfect girly slumber party item, since everyone can have fun painting each others nails and testing out different designs.

Beauty Bee Rating: 5/5

Check out Flirty Fingerz's site for more information on this subscription. 

*Disclaimer- I am not being paid to write this review however I was sent this box for free from Flirty Fingerz. All opinions are my own and are based on my personal experience and liking of the products.

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