Wednesday, August 6, 2014

July Favorites 2014

Hey Beauty Bees,
It is a beginning of a new month and once again time for a monthly favorites. In the month of July I found myself gravitating towards the same beauty products over and over again, mostly consisting of products that created an everyday nude look. (If anyone is interested in an everyday makeup tutorial leave a comment below.) Also, with it being a very warm month most products worked extremely well in the heat. This month I have nine lets jump in.
Urban Decay Naked Palette
This has been my go to palette since I first got it this past Christmas. I know all gurus constantly rave about this palette and it can get pretty old, but it is just perfect. It has so many different nude shades that can be used to create so many looks, whether you want a darker intense eye or a lighter more day friendly one. With 12 shades to pick from, I personally love combinations using these five shades. (Left to right: Half Baked, Smog, Darkhorse, Toasted and Hustle) They are amazingly pigmented and go on well, with next to no fall out when applying. I can not wait to get the next two Naked palettes. (Naked 2 and Naked 3, How original!)

Urban Decay Eye-shadow Primer Potion 
This next product is the eye shadow primer I have been using lately with the Naked palette, coincidentally they came they were meant to be....who would have thought? Joking aside, they do work very well together and this primer does exactly what it needs to do, keep my shadow on and looking vibrant all day long. I also find this primer to be the best for helping my eyeliner stay on as well. I normally only use pencil liners since liquid or gel liners tend to be too harsh on me for everyday. 

Pop Beauty Lip gloss in Peony Petal
I received this lip gloss in an Ipsy bag a few months ago and I am in love. This lipgloss goes on so smoothly and the color is so pretty. Although formulated like a lipgloss, it looks almost like a lipstick by how pigmented it goes on lips. I have been complimented multiple times this month on my lip color which is different since I have never been a bright lip kind of girl. I tend to stay more neutral in the lips and then go for a bolder eye, but with it being summer time and seeing more women going for that bright lip I figured I could test it out and see how I liked it. Surprisingly, my Fiance noticed the change in my makeup routine and gave me two huge thumbs up. If there is anyone out there who is nervous in trying out a daring lip color I have a great tip for you, just wear it around the house until you get used to it yourself. 

Rimmel Stay Matte Long Lasting Pressed Powder in Buff Beige

This has been my favorite pressed powder for the past year. Every time I do my makeup this product is always used. It is the best powder for eliminating shine and setting my foundation and concealer. It lasts all day and I would highly recommend this for everyone. Even if your someone who does not like powders that add color, they have a shade in transparent that would work for you. I own two of these powders, one lives in my makeup collection and the other in my makeup bag in my purse so it will be with me at all times of the day.

They're Real! Mascara 
This mascara is another product that I keep in my purse all the time. It is perfect since this is the smaller travel size. It volumizes, separates, lengthens, everything you want and need in a great mascara. I have never had a problem with it clumping although I have heard others say it has. The wand is the best as well since it can be used horizontally as normal or vertically to really give lashes some direct attention and length. This is the only mascara wand I have ever seen and used that has this aspect built in and I never realized how useful it actually is until I tried it.

Beauty Blender Sponge
This is a must have for every makeup collection. If I had to recommend only one tool to someone it would be this sponge. You just wet it then use it to put on your foundation and concealer. It helps it apply so well, while giving it an even dewy look. The wider end is perfect for blending out foundations while the tapered end is great for using around your nose and getting underneath your eyes. The bright pink color of it also makes it enjoyable to use, although mine is starting to get stained from my foundation meaning its time to clean it like you should all of your sponges and tools, even though we do wait longer then we should at times. (At least I know I do)

Squarehue nail polish in Placa Catalunya
This polish I used for the first half of the month and I got it in the Squarehue subscription box. It was my favorite color out of the three and it was just a fun color for the summertime. (Check out the review I did on it - )
Essie nail polish in Mademoiselle
For the other half of the month, I wanted a more natural nail but was too lazy to give myself a full french manicure, so I just used this pale pink color and did one coat of it. It gave the illusion of a french manicure and gave my nails a nice shine. I have always loved Essie polishes and this is one of the first ones I have ever bought. 

Victoria's Secret Bombshell Bodymist
In the summer time I tend to use more body sprays or splashes then heavy perfumes. The Victoria's Secret Bombshell scent is one that I recently found out about from one of my friends. She used it one night when I was with her and I fell in love with it. The very next day I went out and bought it in the perfume and body mist. Every single day I have been using it and as you can see in the picture I have hardly made a dent into it. The scent is a glamorous blend of purple passion fruit, Shangri-la peony and vanilla orchid. Victoria's Secret carries so many different products in this scent, so if you are not a perfume user and rather have a body-wash or lotion, they got your covered.


  1. I REALLY need to invest in a naked palette!!

  2. I've heard so many good things about the Urban Decay Naked palette so I may have to go and treat myself :o
    I also use the same pressed powder and love it! :)

    1. Yes :) Nothing better then a little makeup shopping to treat yourself, it is definitely worth the money.


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