Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Teen Choice Awards 2014 - Red Carpet Fashion

Hi Beauty Bees,

What a night of style for the 16th Annual Teen Choice Awards, held in Los Angeles, California. It was a night of fun and beauty on the "Blue Carpet", normally known as the "Red Carpet", with celebrities making there way down and posing for pictures decked out in trends of the season. Some of the most popular trends that were showcased were punchy lips, crop tops, braids/ponytails, and bright colored styles, all very summer themed.

As any other day in Hollywood, some celebrity fashion choices were hits, some were misses and some made us shake our head in disappoint, thinking why would they even walk out in public like that. Here is my personal critique on some of the fashion scores and mishaps of the 2014 Teen Choice Awards.
Taylor Swift
Chloe Moretz
Taylor Swift - I truly want to like this look, as I love the color combo of the soft green fabric with the bright yellow shoes but it really did fall short for me. It seemed more like an apron I would find in my grandmothers house that got sliced in half at the stomach. The awkward lengthed mullet hair also was a turn off for me.

Chloe Moretz - I think this outfit is a complete flop. To begin with, the crop top is way too skinny showing way to much skin, especially for a look like this where she is already showing alot of leg. Next, although the shorts and and the sleeves on the jacket have the same pattern, it just did not go well together. One or the other would have sufficed, although I am not a huge fan of either to begin with. It is just too busy and and unflattering.
Selena Gomez
Selena Gomez - In a sophisticated black pantsuit, I feel she played it safe but definitely looked the part. I loved that she paired it with metallic gold accessories and a sleek hair do. However, next time I think she should have a little more fun, its an upbeat summer event. Keep the serious glam looks for the Oscars.

Kendall Jenner, Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner
Kendall Jenner - I love the look of a great pantsuit especially on someone who can pull it off. With her height and slim figure, Kendall had everything she needed to pull off this outfit. The great neckline and color of this pantsuit gave off a fashion-forward and modern feel. Unfortunately, the mesh pattern on the legs ruined the outfit for me as I found it unneeded and distracting as it diverted the viewers eyes from Kendall's face. It also took away the long lines of the pants that would make her look taller then she already is.  Another complaint I have is the hair, if you are going to slick it back just slip it into a pony tail; it would have looked much more fashionably rather then looking like she came freshly out of a pool.

Kim Kardashian - I love the leather crop top she choose to wear here, as it fit her well, gave an edgy vibe and showed off the great stomach she worked hard to get after having a baby a year ago. I have mixed fillings on the skirt. The length is great however the pattern I really can not decide if I like it or not. Its not terrible by far but I feel like the print could have been manufactured better.

Kylie Jenner - I absolutely loved this outfit, something I could see myself wearing to an event like this. A simple crop top with a stylish printed high low skirt. I love how simple yet sophisticated this outfit looks and makes her. Definitely an outfit that matures Kylie in a good way. Her two older sisters should be taking pointers.
Hailee Steinfeld
Hailee Steinfeld - Beyond a doubt, the worst dressed of the night. She looks like she should be going for tea, not an awards show.  The mixed patterns and fabrics as well as the high collar just looked very frumpy and old. She seemed to age herself well over her 17 years. A rule in fashion is to always be careful with how you place lace, as it gives off a delicate, soft vibe as well as an old ancient one. In small amounts it is flattering, but in big amounts it can age you dramatically. The flat and unfinished hair did not help her look out at all either.
          Best: Nina Dobrev
Nina Dobrev
Best: Lucy Hale
Lucy Hale
Nina Dobrev - Finally, a crop top and short combo done right. This sunset-pink, gold and lavender printed combo was very event-appropriate as well as just looking great. Her top cutting off at the right length and wearing her high rise shorts to the point wear just a sexy sliver of skin peeped out, gave this outfit a very fun and flirty feel. Her choose of pink stilettos and a romantic Rapunzel-ish braid pulled the outfit together perfectly.

Lucy Hale - Another hit on the blue carpet. This sexy yet sweet, mini-dress looked amazing on Lucy. The scarlet color, deep v (which can be hard to pull off without looking trampy) and length of the dress made her look sexy, while the bubbled skirt and wispy updo gave the sweet. The color also looked amazing on her especailly with the contrast of the carpet. Simple accessories kept the dress the main forcus which no doubt was the plan.

Hilary Duff
Hilary Duff - I was very disappointed with this outfit, especially from someone who's look and style I have always loved and admired. This two-part look featured a leather skirt that was a bit too long for her with pockets that stuck out and a top that was too high with awkward straps and an unflattering flower detail. I could almost like this outfit if those flowers were taken away and the crop top was shortened a tad.

Zendaya Coleman - Another great look of the night. This bright pink colored dress by Material Girl was very flattering and maturing on Zendaya. The big bow in the back was a fun and flirty touch that can be pulled off well for someone of her age. The piecey hair and smoky makeup gave the fun dress a more edgy look. Another great look would have been if she gave herself sleek straightened hair producing an even more sophisticated and mature vibe. To bring the sparkle, she wore tons of blingy rings and bracelets.

What did you think of the fashion on the blue carpet this year at the Teen Choice awards? Leave a comment below.


  1. Taylor Swift always manages to look effortlessly fashionable! Thanks for linking up to the #binkylinky

    1. No problem, and usually I love Taylor Swift outfits too, but I was not liking this one.

  2. I love what Selena Gomez was wearing - looks very classy. Not keen on any of the others though, all seem very fussy! #binkylinky

    1. I loved Selena's outfit too. Personally, that is something I would also wear to an awards show like that


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