Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Top 5 Best and Worst 2014 Emmy's Red Carpet Fashion

Hey Beauty Bees, 

I am back to talk about the Emmy's Red Carpet fashion this time. Once again the celebs took the walk down the Red Carpet and strutted there stuff in different fashions. Throughout the night we saw alot of floor length gowns in the colors Red, White and Blue. (Yes, very patriotic I know) Like any other award show, some made it through in outfits that we awe'd at and some made us shake our heads in disappointment. Today, I will be sharing my top five best and worst looks of the night.

Camilla Alves looked amazing in this 3/4
sleeve lace like gown. It fit her well and the 
design were very intricate and pretty without
being overpowering.
Heidi Klum looked amazing tonight in this red gown.
 I was surprised on her choice since she is known for
wearing more sexy and revealing outfits, but was
 happy to see her wear a dress more subdued and elegant.

Taylor Schilling wore a very detailed halter
dress and it was a hit. The glittery fabric
hugged her curves at all the right points
and she accessorized it perfectly.

Lizzy Capling's dress was breathing taking.
A simple black dress from the front, but from
behind had an amazing cross strap open
back with a white train. Beyond a doubt my
favourite of the night. 
Sofia Vergera looked great in this white gown.
The silver details helped create a very slim
silhouette for her already small but busty
figure. All her bling and the red lip helped
her outfit look glamorous and fun. 
Alexandra Daddario's look was not horrible. I did love
the hair and makeup as well as the black detailing on the
dress. I just wish she went for a better color with a
thicker fabric. As you can tell we can see right through
this one around the bust area.
Kaley Cuoco was a disappointment. The pink details on a red dress looked very old and tablecloth like although not as bad as the tulle fabric looking like a ballerina tu-tu. I am also not into her new Kate Gosselin hair.

I am not sure what Lena Dunham was thinking. I love
the ombre look but this dress looked like a flamingo
 donated its feathers to be turned into a really bad frilly
 skirt. The business button up for a top did not help
Sarah Paulson, what were you thinking. This dress 
looks like it touched one of those static electric 

balls and went crazy, then it broke out in acne. 
There is nothing I can think of that would make it
 look better. Worst look of the night for me.

Zooey Deschanel's look just did not cut it for me.
The pink is a nice color on her but the shape of
the dress makes it look like her hips are huge. The
rest of the dress is just very plain and uneventful

not to mention also very wrinkly.
That is all for this years Emmy's. Hopefully next year our worst dressed will take pointers from our best dressed and we can all be happy campers. Check out more Red Carpet Fashion from the VMA's and the Teen Choice Awards.

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