Monday, August 25, 2014

VMA'S 2014 Red Carpet Fashion - Battle of the Trends

Hey Beauty Bees,

The Video Music Awards were tonight and what a show it was. A lot of great performances were done and many well deserved awards were given out. The most important thing we all cared about though was what everybody was wearing. This awards show displayed so many different trends (and I mean MANY) that I thought I would do a different kind of post, a red carpet battle. Who wore the trend better? Who missed there mark completely? Below I will be battling the following trends: Black LaceCutouts, Sheer, Crop Tops, Rompers, Leather, Sparkle, Prints, Plunging Neckline and Dress Slits.

Black Lace
Beyonce looks great in this full body dress that uses lace to show only parts of her skin. It is sexy and modest all at the same time. Also the mix of lace and leather fabrics is so edgy and fits her style perfectly.

Alexandra Shipp did not follow this trend well by trying to use too many of them at once, sheer, lace and sparkle. I would have liked it better if the skirt was short because it just looks weird when the lace comes back into play at the bottom after the sheer space.

Crop Tops
Victoria Justice looks gorgeous with this white crop top and black leather high low skirt. The plain top is the perfect length just showing a sliver of skin which compliments the edgy skirt that shows off her long legs. Black and white ensembles are also a huge trend this year and a personal favorite of mine.

Jourdan Dunn's look did not impress me at all, it is just too plain. The too skinny bandeau top does nothing to help the full length high waisted black skirt. I would have almost liked it better if it was a dress. This combo is just nothing special compared to all the other fancier looks that were on that carpet.

Dress Slits
Michelle Williams dress was my favorite outfit of the night. This dress fits her amazingly and looks great The slit is at the right height and even with the key hole neckline, it looks very elegant and sexy without going over board showing off too much skin. The giraffe print is something I do not seen alot so it was refreshing to see it pop up now.

Jennifer Lopez was a huge disappointment to me. I always look forward to what she is wearing on the red carpet but tonight it looked like she should have been on the Dancing with the Stars dance floor. The slit is way too high especially when she has so many cutouts up top. I feel that she is trying way to hard to be sexy in this which saddens me because she is gorgeous. She could be completely covered and J Lo would still look hot.

Kesha choose to wear a floor length white sparkly gown which is a change of pace from her dark and short ensembles I am used to. Her new look was a total hit, especially with the subtle makeup and interesting hair, she looked like a completely different girl. I loved the glamorous feel the sparkly dress gave off and that she choose a gown that was very flattering and classy.

Solange Knowles did not choose to let the sparkles make her sparkle. I have always loved girls who could pull off a pant suit, since now a days they are tailored to fit women and show off there curves. This one did not do that. Her jacket is way to big for her and it does not look flattering at all. If it would have fit better I would have liked it so much more.

Kendall Jenner is no stranger to showing off her body with sheer panels. A couple weeks ago she wore a white pantsuit that had sheer stripes down the legs which was a little unflattering but she regained the trend here. The top looks great here and shows off her maturing body in a subtle way. Also the straight black pants make her look so tall and elegant.

Rita Volk looks out of place. I feel like I would find this kind of dress on a skating rink on a figure skater instead of a red carpet. Just the way the sheer panels at the bottom forces the lace/crochet to look like a leotard. I loved the top of the dress but the bottom makes it look weird. Also I am not a huge fan of her mixing the reddish orange shoe with this, they look out of place.
Plunging Neckline
Jessie J looks like a Greek goddess in this draping halter neck dress.The neckline is deep but not as revealing as other girls that night. I loved the color as well, a color that was not displayed alot that night making it memorable.

Kim Kardashian West is revealing way to much of herself here. I love the print and style of dress but that neckline is pushing her twins out way too much and it just looks skanky. Also the fact that it looks like she cant move her arms without something falling out worries me.
Nicki Minaj looked hot here with her short metallic snake printed dress. The print matched well with the song she preformed that night and it just looked really good with the shoes and hair choice. This is the type of outfit you wear to an event like this.

Natalie Gal was another person who missed there mark. This print was way too busy for a full length dress like this. Also the way the dress was designed is not flattering at all. The makeup and pulled back hair did nothing to help either.
Ali Fedotowsky looked amazing in this floor length romper. The plain black structured suit with pockets was the perfect set up for an immaculate neck piece. She played it well by not pushing any extra accessories to the outfit since the neck piece stands out so much. Her updo and subtle makeup gave this look a very structured and sexy look.

Taylor Swift confused me tonight. Was she just coming back from a gymnastics meet? This romper is waaaayyy too short, considering the creasing that is happening in the crotch area. From the back it is no better, her butt was literally sticking out. The print was not pretty and the shoes did not match. I can definitely say this was one of the worst outfits of the night.
Chanel Iman looked so edgy and sexy in this leather ensemble. At first look I thought it was just straight leather but there are actually slits in the dress showing off skin underneath. It was just a really cool dress that was planned well with the matching shoes and smokey eye.

Ariana Grande took the leather trend to heart here. It is just way too much. With the red lip, over the knee boots and tight black dress she just looks like a stripper. Unless wanting to be casted for Fifty Shades of Grey was her intention, this look was a flop. Also, I am so over the typical ponytail she wears to every event, her stylist really needs to give her some new options on hair.
Rachel Antonoff looked pretty and sweet with this white dress that had square cutouts all over. It gave alot of dimension to a simple white dress and I think she pulled it off well.

Amber Rose honestly scared me. It is bikini or a dress? I am all for making statements through fashion especially with a body like hers after just one year of having a baby, but it was way too much. Go for a skin tight dress, or a dress with cutouts, do not wear a diamond g string bikini with sparkly chains across it and try to pull it off like a dress.

The Video Music Awards definitely showed off many different trends and styles this year. Tomorrow night are the Emmy Awards and I will be back to let you know who was a hit and who was a miss.

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