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Beauty Buzz Trial - Devacurl

Hey Beauty Bees,

Do you have curly hair and are looking for some products just for you? I recently tried out a line from DevaCurl that are made especially for you curly haired ladies but can also be used by straight hair women like myself. Before I get started I would like to state that this review is my opinion completely on how these products worked for my hair type; they will most likely work better for curly hair who they are meant for.

"DevaCurl is one of the first hair care brands to replace harsh, damaging detergents with gentle, hydrating ingredients and botanical extracts. Today, DevaCurl offers a complete line of sulfate-, silicone- and paraben-free cleansers, conditioners and styling products that deliver healthy, naturally gorgeous, frizz free curls."

This diffuser states that it gently dry curls more naturally for beautiful long-lasting volume and maximum curl definition. It dries them from the inside and out for soft, frizz free curls while adding volume. It stated that it fits most commercially available hair dryers, but unfortunately it did not fit mine so I was not able to test it out. This actually bummed me out because I thought it was such an interesting product and my hair takes forever to blow dry so maybe it would less time with it. I have been planning on buying a new blow dryer soon so stay tuned for an in depth review on this product.
It retails for $44.95

DevaCurl No-Poo Cleanser
This non-lathering shampoo alternative is sulfate free and is highly moisturizing which stimulates, hydrates and cleans the scalp and hair to reveal the healthiest, bounciest natural curls. At first I was not excited to try this product out since it has a very strong chemical scent, exactly like the smell that my mothers hair dye use to smell like to me when I was younger. It did however make my hair feel very clean and soft. However, it took double the amount I would have usually used to cover my head since it does not lather.
Price: $19.95 12 oz./$39.95 32 oz.

This conditioner is basically your run of the mill conditioner. Creamy and moisturizing, easily worked into your hair. It still had that strong chemical scent but was not as bad as the shampoo. I always do a brush test on conditioners. seeing if it can easily go through with no trouble. My hair tends to tangle easily so if a conditioner can pass this test, then I know it will be a good one. This conditioner passed my test with flying colors. 
Price: $19.95 12 oz./$39.95 32 oz.

DevaCurl Light Defining Gel
This light hold moisturizing and deļ¬ning gel dissolves instantly when applied to wet hair. This product smelt way better then the previous two, with a very sweet clean smell. Weirdly enough my first thought was apples. The formula worked into my hair well and held a curl well all day without leaving my hair feeling crunchy or sticky.
Price: $19.95 12 oz./$39.95 32 oz.

DevaCurl Styling Cream
This botanically infused cream conditions, enhances and defines curls, providing natural hold, humidity resistance and leaves curls moisturized and frizz free. This was the best smelling of all four and masked the not so good scent of the shampoo and conditioner. My hair tends to get frizzy alot but this product took that away, leaving me with nice smooth silky waves. This styling cream was very easy to work in and will definitely be a product I can see myself using more when I need to tame any frizz.
Price: $24.95

Overall, I found that these products worked well for what they are meant to do, once again probably working better for curly haired girls. I do wish however that they smelt better so I would want to use all the products together. I most likely will only be using the styling creme from time to time but the other three products I will pass on to one of my friends or family.

Beauty Buzz Rating: 3/5
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*Disclaimer- I am not being paid to write this review however I was sent these products for free from DevaCurl. All opinions are my own and are based on my personal experience and liking of the products. 

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