Friday, September 19, 2014

Beauty Buzz Trial - Ipsy Bag September 2014 "Street Style"

Hey Beauty Bees, 

September is here and with it comes Fall as well as a brand new Ipsy bag. If you have not heard of this monthly beauty subscription take a look at this past post for more info.

This month's theme was "Street Style". Also, this month we had the option to take a peek at our glam rooms early and of course with how impatient I am, I instantly clicked through. The sneakpeeks they showed this month had me excited for certain items, but was disappointed when I saw that not one of them was in my glam room. However, 3 out of the 5 products are brands that I have never tried or heard of before, so it was not terrible as I always love to try out new brands. 
The makeup bag this month helped me stay positive as well as it has to be the best looking bag they have come out with. (Yes, I know I say that every month, but Ipsy really is uping their game on the cute bags) This gray shiny leather bag with metal details is so edgy and fashionably, which plays into this month perfect for Fashion Week.

....Now onto the goodies within the pink mailers...
Hikari Lipstick in Cabernet - (Full Size Value $13): This rich red wine matte color will be perfect for this Fall season. Usually I am not the biggest fan of matte lips, but this color looked too pretty to complain. I love how creamy and pigmented it goes on as well as how long it lasted. I tested it out the first day I got it and the only problem I had with it was that it bled a little bit half way thru the day but I am assuming that was from the heat, as it was an oddly hot day. In the future I plan on using a lip linear with it to see if it reduces the bleeding. I had been doing alot of running around that day as well as a lunch date with my Fiance, which was the ultimate test. The color came off only a little bit while I ate but once again I blame not having a lip liner. Being the first time I have tried out Hikari, this lipstick made me excited to try out other products from them.
Be A Bombshell Smooth Criminal Powder - (Full size Value $12): This translucent powder can be used over foundation or on its own. It helps minimize the look of fine lines and pores for a flawless finish. I love face powders especially translucent ones like this since they help keep my face from looking oily. This specific one left my face feeling so smooth and soft over my foundation and lasted all day without having to reapply. It worked very well at filling in all lines or wrinkles I had on my face to make it look flawless. 

Pacifica 7 Free Nail Polish in Red Red Wine - (Full Size Value $9): A cruelty free and 100% Vegan polish which is again in a beautiful Fall "red" color, although it seems more like a purple to me. It goes on well and only needs 1 or 2 coats since it is a very opaque polish. The shine is also amazing when compared to others. It lasts a long time and comes in so many other color choices. I have had it on my nails for 3 days so far and no chipping.

Nourish Organic Moisturizing Cream Face Cleanser- (Sample Size Value $2.33): Containing aloe vera, cucumber and watercress this cleanser states it is for all skin types. I have oily skin and it did not work well with me. I tested it out during my morning shower and afterwards my face felt very dry and tight. I continued my skincare routine with my regular moisturizer and the skin around my eyes felt like it was burning. I do not know if it is just my skin that it did not work well with or not but it will not be a product I will continue to use. It also had a very unpleasant scent to it although it does say fragrance free.

Mitchell and Peach Luxury Hand Cream - (Full Size Value $17): I was pretty shocked when I heard this little tube of hand cream was $17. With that I was a little disappointed with the product because I was expecting more. It did leave my hands feeling soft but not very moisturized because after a few hours my hands started to feel dry again. The scent was very subtle and nice but just not the scent for me. I can definitely see it being one that my mother or grandmother would love

September's bag was valued at $53.33 and contained 1 sample and 4 full sized products. Although I was disappointed when I had first seen my glam room, that changed once I got my bag and tested everything out. Some of the products were pretty decent such as the powder, polish and lipstick. The other two products, lotion and cleanser, I would have swapped for one of the other many products I was hoping for. In conclusion, this was an ok bag, especially price wise, but I hope Octobers will be a little better.

Beauty Buzz Rating 3.5/5

Did you receive an Ipsy bag? What products did you get? Leave a comment below.

Check out Ipsy's website for more information on joining there monthly subscription, and join the rest of us who stalk our mailboxes every month for those hot pink envelopes. My referral link will lead you there:

Also check out past bags: August, July

*Disclaimer- I am not being paid to write this review as I bought this subscription with my own money. All opinions are my own and are based on my personal experience and liking of the products.


  1. The september bag doesn't look that great. I love the lipstick color and it looks great on you! I'm not really into any of the other products though.

    May from La Vie en May

    1. Aww thx so much hun xoxo I agree as well, the products sent this month were not the best. Hopefully next month it will get better

  2. We both received the same Ipsy bag this month, and I found that I really love the nail polish and lipstick! Great for Fall!

    1. Wow did you? I have looked up so many reviews and could not find anyone else who had the same bag as me. What were your thoughts on that cleanser?

  3. I received the nail polish, hand cream, and bombshell powder as well. I loved my bag. I also got Cailyn lip stain and while it isn't particularly the color I would have chosen, I thought it looked great on. This was my first time receiving this bag and I loved it. but then again, I haven't seen any of the other bags.

    1. Lucky, I was hoping to get the caitlyn lip stain. Never tried that brand before. You are going to love getting this subscription. I know i am addicted :)

  4. I thought it interesting we got identical July and September bags, but totally opposite August bags. Super excited for this month!

    BTW, I really liked the cleanser. It's one of the rare few I've tried that doesn't make me break out.

    1. I guess the cleanser was just not meant for me. I may have had a reaction to one of the ingredients. I am soooo excited for this month too.


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