Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Guest Post - How I Survive In Autumn by Charlotte Samantha

Hey Beauty Bees,
Today I am bringing you a guest post by a really sweet blogger named Charlotte Samantha. Her blog is all about beauty and fashion with some amazing photography.

How I Survive In Autumn, its a little bit drastic. All im really going to show you is the 5 things that I couldn't live without during the cold period. There not specifically beauty or fashion more of a general post but do keep an eye out for more specific posts coming soon! These are 5 things that if I didn't have I don't know how I would get through the Autumn, along with long walks, conker picking and dark evenings.
Candles. I couldn't go an evening without one of my lovely smelling candles burning away. It isnt just the gorgeous smell that makes me want to light candles but also the lovely lighting it gives, it means I can turn on my fairy lights and light a candle and not feel the need to put on the main bright light. My favorite at the minute is the one on the right, Wild Gorse which my boyfriend picked up for me in a little gift shop in York.

Knitwear. A must in the cold seasons (although it always seems to be cold here in England) is knitwear. Weather its jumpers, hats, scarves and gloves. I need them all! I love to be able to thrown on an over-sized jumper and some jeans and feel dressed enough to go out. Or going for long, cold walks covering myself in woolen items.

Hot Drinks. Coffee, Tea, Hot Chocolate, the lot. When I get in from a long dog walk there is nothing better than jumping into my onesie and sipping on a lovely hot drink. I have my favorite Autumn drinks such as Hersheys Hot Cocoa, Fruitbroo and Tea Pigs

Films. There is nothing better than crawling under the duvet and watching film after film whilst listening to the rain outside. Heres some of my favs for this time of year; The Holiday, 500 Days of Summer ( i know its a strange one), Chalet Girl and many many more!

Bath Bomb Baths. Filling my water with a bathbomb and creating 13475683475 bubbles is AMAZING. I think I may have to go and run one right now!

And of course the last thing that shines above all of this, is that it means its getting closer to CHRITSTMAS! And who doesnt like christmas! I've been pinning like there is no tomorrow, if your looking for some inspiration head over too, pinterest.

What is it that you survive on during Autumn?

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