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Beauty Buzz Trial - Hanz De Fuko

Hey Beauty Bees,

Now usually I do reviews for women's products but today I got some men hair products to share with you. My hubby to be agreed to help me out by being my guinea pig and letting me use his head of hair to test out these different products.

The brand is called Hanz de Fuko and was born in the heart of San Francisco’s Mission District in February of 2009. Their concept is to create amazing, "one of a kind" hair care products that would also serve as a wonderful testament to the artist in all of us. Its about having fun, living with purpose and staying true to oneself - to always view things outside of their common usefulness and see if they can be re-worked, re-invented or re-defined. 

I will give a description of each then give you Chris' opinion in blue.

Natural Shampoo ($16.50)
The most luxuriously effective cleanser for getting hair looking and feeling its healthiest with amazing shine. 
Tip: It works great as an all-over body and face wash!
"The shampoo was great and smelt pretty good. Also thought the little bottle would go fast but you only need a little bit at a time. "

Natural Conditioner ($16.50)
The ultimate conditioner for getting hair looking and feeling its thickest with amazing strength. 
Tip: It works great as an alternative to shaving cream!
"I never really use conditioner but this did make my hair feel soft...and got lots of compliments from the girlfriend because of it"

Gel Triq ($15)
Extreme hold gel perfect for short dramatic styles or for total control over longer hair for the entire day.
Tip: Rub a small amount between the palms of your hands and blow on them for a few seconds just before application to activates the “sugars” in the gel. 
"This was not my favorite gel I have used, especially when compared to the others. This one felt very sticky and took a while to dry but it did keep my style all day."

Sponge Wax ($17.50)
This matte finish, high-hold wax combines the pliability of a pomade with the staying power of a gel. 
Tip: Rub dime sized amounts between your fingers to soften, then work through dry hair to achieve matte textured looks, or to damp hair for smooth control.

Hybridized Wax ($17.50)
This water-based wax with medium hold is made for edgy hair experiments. 
Tip:Rub dime sized amounts between your fingertips, then work through damp or dry hair to achieve polished to piece-y looks.

Modify Pomade($17.50)
This lightweight, medium-hold formulation will keep your favorite classic look firmly in place with tremendous shine.
Tip:To magnify holding power, leave the jar opened overnight to help thicken and concentrate the formulation for maximum effectiveness.

Claymation ($18.50)
With a touch of Quicksand, this incredible, "clay-wax" hybrid provides super high-hold with ultimate pliability for achieving perfect, semi-matte hairstyles.
Tip:Start by warming a nickel-size amount between your palms then apply  to dry hair for a pliable, semi-matte look, or to damp hair for natural sheen.

Quicksand ($17.50)
This groundbreaking formulation adds amazing texture and hold with ZERO shine, breathing new life into oily, slept-on hair.
Tip:Rub a small pinch between your fingertips then apply to second-day hair to add lift and texture or to damp hair to achieve gravity defying volume!

Scheme Cream ($17.50)
This lightweight, medium-hold cream will give your hair the perfect amount of shine without greasiness.
Tip:Apply to dry hair for classic, finger combed looks with light shine, or apply to damp hair for a controlled, just out-of-the-shower look.

"All of these worked in a different way and they all did exactly what they said. I like how you have a choice of different products for whatever needs you have that day. I enjoyed the quicksand the most since it was extremely helpful for days that I needed to run out of the house quickly but still needed to tame my bedhead. Any of these or all 6 would make a great gift for any guy out there."

Beauty Buzz Rating:4/5

Check out Hanz De Fuko's site for more information on these products and many more:

*Disclaimer- I am not being paid to write this review however I was sent these products for free from Hanz De Fuko. All opinions are my own and are based on my personal experience and liking of the products. The same goes for my wonderful Fiance who helped me out with this review.

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