Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Guest Post - Frost-Bitten Ice Queen Halloween Tutorial by Shanna

Hello there my fellow beautistas :)

My name is Shanna from My Curves and Lashes blog. Thank you so much Linda for allowing me to guestpost so near to Halloween! I love this time of year since boring makeup tutorials can be amped up with much more imagination, inspired-looks and ideas to share. Aren't you guys excited? I know I am!
I've been feeling the cold here in London so I decided to actually make a costume out of it, the ideas people come up with ey... I chose to do a look on a Frost-Bitten Ice Queen. Rather than the common flawless, Ice queen with jewels and sparkle, I opted for something a bit more realistic.

Let's Get Started!


I used SNAZAROO Face Paint in white.

The contour was with the shade Proposal in Prague on the hollows of my cheeks and Pretty in Paris for my highlight.

I cut pieces of foil to and used eyelash glue to stick on my forehead for an icier look. This step is optional and may be a bit too much for this look already.


All eyeshadow products was used by my favourite (and only palette) SLEEK i-Divine eyeshadow Palette in Vintage Romance.

Shades used:
  • Romance in Rome
  • Love in London
  • Pretty in Paris
  • Propose in Prague
  • Forever in Florence
(Don't you just love the names?)

Everything has been roughly shaded for a "cracked" and bitter look. This adds the effect of decay which is definitely the outcome I was hoping for.

Blend Forever in Florence on the top inner-lid and the bottom-outer corner of you eye. Feel free to shade higher than your crease, and YES! You may enhance those bags by shading lower than your lash line.

Oppositely, Blend Romance in Rome on the inner-lash line and in the crease.

For a bigger dramatic effect, with Propose in Prague and a bit of red eyeshadow, blend and enhance the bottom of your eyes, sweeping as low as where you would usually see an eye bag form.

With a black eyeliner, messily trace your eyebrow. Remember you've been out in the snow so you eyebrow does not need to be perfect :)

Line your eyes with your favourite eyeliner and create those dolly eyes with full lashes on top and at the bottom I also used mascara to blend my actual lashes and the fake ones together, it also adds for extra definition.


Take the colours down to the bridge of you nose to contour. I mixed both Romance in Rome and Forever in Florence with a blending brush.

  1. With a brush pat on some  of the gorgeous Romance in Rome shadow to the centre of your lips, be as messy as you want. I also overlined for a dolly effect. 
  2. Take Rpopose in Prague with a bit of red eyeshadow to fill the sides.

And that's it! Thank you so much Linda for allowing me to guestpost. I love this time of season, not only for the Autumn weather and colours, but also a reason/excuse to dress up as literally ANYTHING for Halloween :) I hope you guys like it. Please check out more of my Halloween tutorials here.




  1. This is a gorgeous look, I'm always so impressed by Shanna's adventurous make up looks. I'm haven't got any halloween plans this year, but I might have to find some to try out this look!
    Francine from The Graduate Goddess xx

    1. I know right,its amazing. On Halloween I am going to a haunted house park so I think i will do a look like this.


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