Monday, December 8, 2014

Blogmas #8 - What to buy Him for Christmas

Hey Beauty Bees,

I can not believe it has already been a week since I started Blogmas. This means there are only 17 days left until Christmas. Are you done your shopping yet? I have not even started, which is bad since I am usually on top of this and start very early. I always find Men to be much harder to buy for than Women. You can ask a girl what she wants and she usually can give you a general idea. A man? No chance no way. I must have asked Chris about five times already and every time I get the same answer, "I don't know."

After much thought I have compiled a general list of 10 gifts I think most guys would like. 

1. Cologne
This is a great choice for guys since they love to smell good. Chris has been obessed with Mont Blanc's Legend cologne which I find to smell absolutely amazing. If you are looking for the same result but are on a tight budget I would suggest an Axe or Old Spice gift set, which usually comes with the spray as well as body wash and other similar products.

2. Gaming System/Video Games
At our house we are a Xbox One family, but any gaming console will make a great gift. If you already have the console, games or headsets also make an awesome gift. Is he always running out of batteries? Buy him a play and charge kit or a TON of batteries. 

3. Candy or Treats
I think this is a good gift for anyone really, who doesn't get a sweet tooth? Any guy will love to receive his favorite treats from you. I know Chris will be getting his favorite chocolate bar and some jelly beans in his stocking since they are his favorite. You could even throw in a couple bottles of there favorite drink, like Arizona teas for me.

4. Movies/TV Series
Movies and TV series can be very expensive at times, but they tend to go on sale during the holidays. Pick up some of your guys favorite movies or the first season of there favorite tv show. 

5. Favorite Team Memorabilia 
Most guys love sports and more importantly they have their number one team that they will not miss a single game for anything. There are so many different items out there that have the logo of the teams on them like jerseys, flags, pictures, kitchen appliances household items and much more. If you really want to surprise them, try surprising them with tickets to a future game. 
6. Portable Charger or Headphones
I do not know how many times we have been out and about and Chris asks if we brought the car charger. If you get him a portable charger no guy will ever have to worry about his phone dieing. Other phone accessories like styluses, headphones and phone cases are also perfect gifts.

7. Wallet 
Most guys keep there wallets well past there due date. Chris had the same wallet he had since high school until I finally convinced him to get a new one since all his cards fell out every time he opened it. One year I filled the wallet with some giftcards to his favorite restaurants and stores.

8. Sunglasses
This is an item that guys tend to lose or break. With the multiple brands and styles out there, there has to be at least one pair that will suit them.

9. Remote Controlled Helicopter
Chris offered this idea because he says all men need some toys whether your 3 or 30 . A few months back he bought one from Brookstones and he fell in love with it. He spent hours outside flying it around. Try to find out what kind of toys or gadgets he is interested in.

10. Clothes
Socks. underwear and undershirts are the most asked for and most needed items that guys will highly appreciate getting. If you are not sure what clothes to get him, offer to take him out shopping one day and you can help him pick them out.

Let me know if I missed any other good gift ideas for Men below in the comments. Are you done your Christmas shopping yet? Stay tuned for tomorrows post on what to get Women for Christmas.


  1. A great post!!! I got some ideas for my brothers now ;)

    Color U Bold

  2. This is one of the best tumblr pages i have found. Heaps of cool stuff and so many amazingly cheap prices. I bought a few items for Christmas gifts. Gotta get in early so all the items arrive in the post in time hehe >>>>>> I Need This Now in my Life

    1. Aww thank you so much! Stay tuned for this years Blogmas posts gift guides!


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