Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Blogmas #9 - What to buy Her for Christmas

Hey Beauty Bees,

Yesterday I did a gift guide for shopping for men, today is all about the girls!! All you guys out there better grab a pen and pad of paper so you can take notes. These are all great ideas for giving to your girlfriend, sister, mother, grandmother or even just a friend. For all the girls reading, these are perfect for your girl-friends or even for yourself if you are planning to buy yourself a little present this year...which I see nothing wrong with!! We all need to spoil ourselves once in a while! I put together a list of 10 things that any women in your life would like to receive.

Now lets get started...

1. Makeup
Girls love getting makeup, no matter what kind!! You could literally walk into Sephora or Ulta and buy them any makeup gift set and they will be ecstatic. This could also include nail polish.

2. Makeup Brushes
To go with the new makeup you just bought them, why not add some makeup brushes to it!! Good brushes can be expensive at times, but you could always get a travel set which can be much cheaper, or just go for E.L.F brushes. They are inexpensive and work amazingly.

3. Clothes
If you know there size and style, clothes are always a great gift. If not, you could get a gift card to there favorite store or even just a mall gift card for them to go out and buy what they like.

4. Candles
I absolutely love candles and I think most woman agree with me. Bath and Body Works and Yankee Candle have the best smelling candles and are constantly having deals on them. If the woman in your life prefers Scentsy warmers, pick them up some nice smelling wax cubes or even replacement bulbs.

5. Jewelry
This item can be either very cheap or very expensive. In other words, items from Forever 21 compared to Tiffany or Pandora. If any guy is planning to propose soon, Christmas Day is an awesome day to do it!! Whats a better present than having the man you love give you the present of himself forever!!

6. Bath Products
Bath bombs and bubble baths work for everyone. I personally love any Lush products since they smell so amazing. Go for a generic scent like vanilla or a floral if you are not too sure what the person will like. This was one of the top items on my Christmas wishlist this year.

7. Cute Stationary
I do not know what it is about cute stationary products that makes me need to have it, but I love being able to make my to do or shopping lists on products like this. They are items every woman can throw into her purse and carry with her all the time and will think of you every time she takes it out.

8. Perfume
This is as basic of a Christmas present as it gets. Every woman loves getting perfume since the best ones are usually pricey. If you are not sure what kind to get her, Sephora has this gift set called the Fragrance Sampler that has samples of multiple perfumes and then has a certificate inside for one full bottle of perfume. This way they can test out different ones then go buy the full bottle of there favorite, it is multiple presents in one!!

9. Purse/Wallets
Coach, Micheal Kors, Celine and Burburry are all brands that have some of the most stylish purses and wallets of today. I will not lie to you though, they can get pretty pricey. If your on a budget check out stores like Forever 21, Aldo or Charming Charlies for a more affordable 

10. Bedroom Decor
I thought this was a cute idea for a gift. Cuddly blankets, cute jewelry storage and picture frames are all good items that you can customize to the specific person you are giving it too. For your girlfriend, you can add pictures of you and her together in the picture frame.

Did you have any other ideas that would make a good Christmas present for women? Leave your ideas below along with what you are asking for this year.

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