Monday, April 27, 2015

The Mother's Day Gift Guide

Hey Beauty Bees,

Have you noticed all the stores starting to pop up with sales for that one special person in our lives. Yes Mom I am talking about you. With Mother's Day approaching fast, what is a better way to show your own Mom how much you love and appreciate her with a little (or big) gift.

Unfortunately for me, this Mother's Day will not be spent with my Mom since I live in a whole different country then her. However, she will be visiting me later in the month of May along with some other family members. 

I then started to think about what would I get my Mom if I were back in Canada and I came up with so many great ideas for her. I also made a more generic gift guide for you to spark ideas for your own Mothers.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Beauty Buzz Trial - Absolutely Natural Luxurious Skincare

Hey Beauty Bees,

Every once in a while, I like to switch up the hair and skin care products I use. Today I was given the chance to try out some products from a company that I once used in a hotel that I stayed at. I remember using one of the body washes and loving the scent of it but I never looked more into. I was overly ecstatic when I got in touch with Absolutely Natural and was given the chance to test out some different products.

Absolutely Natural pioneered the original 100% natural, chemical-free sun care in the early 1990’s and has set the same standards for their organic spa care. All of their unique formulas are carefully selected from nature’s most nutrient- and vitamin-rich plants, minerals, and renewable sources.

What I found so interesting is that Absolutely Natural works to support sea turtle rehabilitation, rescue and awareness. They make regular donations towards efforts to rehabilitate rescued sea turtles and educate the public on how they can help make a difference

Here are the 5 products I received:

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Beauty Buzz Trial - Nailtiques (Round 2)

Hey Beauty Bees,

I have worked with this great nail company in the past and today I wanted to come back and share a new product that I found very interesting. 

If you have not heard of Nailtiques before, you can check out my first review of this brand where I tried out a hand conditioner and two nail polishes:

The product I was sent to try out was their Avocodo Foot Crème.

With warmer weather finally here, I have started my Spring Cleaning. This means Winter boots are getting put away and out comes the sandals. Feet have been covered up by layers of socks and boots all Winter, that sometimes they can get rough, dry or cracked. This foot creme is a deep penetrating, non-greasy moisturizing product rich in avocado oil that will help out with all our feet problems.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Beauty Buzz Trial - Ipsy Bag April 2015 "Beautifully Bohemian"

Hey Beauty Bees,

I am back once again to share my monthly Ipsy bag with you. Last month's bag was a "Floral Fantasy" and this month looks like it could be even better. "Beautifully Bohemian" is a theme that fits perfectly for Spring and reminds me of Coachella which is happening this month. 

With all the sneak peeks this month, I was so excited to have the chance to get a Too Faced Melted Lipstick sample, but unfortunately it never came. I was also pretty surprised that I did not receive one of the many polishes this bag seemed to be giving out. Take a peek below on what I did receive.

If you are new to Ipsy and would like to learn more about how this monthly subscription works check it out here.

Friday, April 17, 2015

10 Beauty Tips for Your Prom Day

Me at Prom in 2011
Hey Beauty Bees,

It is that time of year when high school girls are searching for their prom dresses and deciding on what hair style they want to have. I remember back when it was my senior prom and how excited I was to get all dolled up for the day and feel like a princess. I had such a great time spending the day with Chris and all of my friends. With all those cameras flashing, I wanted to make sure my makeup looked perfect from when I first applied it all the way through till the last dance.

Thinking back to my own prom, there are tips that I followed and some that I wish I had known back then. These are my top 10 beauty tips that will help you have the perfect day and enjoy everything there is to enjoy at your prom.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

A Day in the Life of a Beauty Bee - Birthday Edition (OOTD, FOTD, Haul)

Hey Beauty Bees,

I have been wanting to start a series that is almost like a Youtuber's vlog, where I can get more personal with you and show how I spend some of my days. For now, I will be keeping this series as an occasional occurrence whenever I have more interesting days. For example, this past Saturday was my 22nd Birthday, so what a perfect day to share. 
To start I wanted to thank everyone for all the birthday wishes that I received, I definitely felt a lot of love throughout the day. I had an amazing birthday and it started off like any other relaxing Saturday morning. Once I woke up I made myself some coffee, grabbed one of my most recent magazines and searched Youtube for a new music playlist to listen to. While I was doing this, Chris was just getting home from his overnight shift at work. He surprised me with a funny birthday card and a plan for a fun day with all of my favorite things.

Monday, April 13, 2015

5 Tips to Help Skin Recover from Winter Weather by Diane Schwidde

Massage Envy SpaHey Beauty Bees,

With one of the harshest winters now behind us, its negative effects on our skin still reigns. From dryness and dullness to redness, this severe winter weather has impacted the overall health of your skin.

Diane Schwidde, the lead esthetician and massage therapist at Massage Envy Spa in Quincy, shared her top 5 tips on how to help your skin recover from the winter weather with me and I now in turn want to share them with you.

Friday, April 10, 2015

21 Things I Did in my 21st Year

Hey Beauty Bees,

Tomorrow is the big day, my 22nd birthday, which makes today my last day of being 21. I thought it would be fun to make up a post all about my past year and list 21 things I did, lessons I learned or places I traveled to during it. When I started to really think about it, its hard to think back throughout a whole year and remember what you did but here is what I came up with. (You can also check out my 22nd Birthday Wishlist that I created at the beginning of this week.)

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Viviane Skincare Review + Giveaway

Hey Beauty Bees,

I have recently received two products to test out and I want to give one of you the chance to try them out as well. Viviane Skincare and I have teamed up to bring you a giveaway including these amazing skincare products.

I have done a review of this brand in my Beauty Buzz Trial series. I tested out their 3-step cleansing system and liquid foundation. Today I am reviewing two new items that you can win down below.

Monday, April 6, 2015

My 22nd Birthday Wishlist

Hey Beauty Bees,

The countdown has officially begun to my birthday, April 11th. Only 5 days left until I turn 22, which I still can not believe. My plans for my birthday this year are very laid back, I really just want to spend the day hanging out with my Fiance doing what we both like to do, shopping and going out for dinner and a movie.

Now when I started to think about my birthday, the little girl in me starts to think about opening beautifully wrapped presents and blowing out candles. Now although I never expect to get anything on my birthday, it is always still fun to dream of things you would love to receive. To be honest, I absolutely love getting birthday cards or letters and I would be happy with just that.

None the less, I have had a few people ask me what I wanted for my birthday this year, so I wanted to create a wishlist for them to check out as well as to show all my readers what I have been swooning over the last few months.

Friday, April 3, 2015

The Easter Tag

Hey Beauty Bees,

This weekend is Easter and I am so excited for multiple reasons:

 Easter is my favorite holiday because my birthday landed on Easter Sunday 22 years ago.

 This is the first holiday I get to celebrate officially with my Fiance at our home together.

 I love chocolate. (I had to add that in there)

I searched for a very long time for a tag about this holiday and I actually came up blank, which was heartbreaking. I decided to put together my own list of questions. Here is my version of the Easter Tag and I tag everyone who enjoys this holiday as much as I do.  

What are some things you got in past Easters?

Besides the obvious gift of chocolate, we use to get things like coloring books and crayons or toys for Spring like skipping ropes or chalk. Earlier this week I did a post called My Perfect Easter Basket, where you can read about what I like to get in my baskets now a days.

Do you have Easter Traditions? 
Growing up in an Italian family, our Easter traditions revolve around Church and food. Early morning Easter Sunday we head to mass then spend the day at my Grandparents house for a special Sunday dinner. This is actually the first year I will not be there for Easter and it is very weird to think about straying from this tradition.

Did you color eggs this year? 
No, unfortunately I was not able to color eggs this year but I really do enjoy doing it.

Do you hunt/hide eggs?

When I was younger, we always had a huge Easter egg hunt at my grandparents house with my siblings and cousins. The adults would hide chocolate eggs and coins around my Nonna's huge garden while we played at the playground down the street. My Nonna would also hide 6 plastic eggs that held some money in them for each one of us grandchildren to find. 

Do you believe in the Easter Bunny?
I think it is fun to let yourself believe in make believe characters like these to keep the child in you alive, but for the Easter Bunny I actually have a story that makes me believe in him full heartingly. One year when I was very young, I would say about 5 or 6, I was at my grandparents house the day before Easter. I was playing in the backyard while they were getting prepared for the next day. As I was playing I noticed a bag sitting on the driveway and being a little curious child, I had to explore this mysterious bag. It ended up being full of Easter treats like chocolate, candy, coloring books, crayons, a skipping rope and a blank Easter card. When I showed my grandparents and parents, they did not know where it came from. To this day we still do not know where this mysterious bag of Easter goodies came from and I will always believe it was the Easter Bunny who left it on that day for me to find.

What is your favorite Easter Candy?
This is a very hard question since I love all types of chocolate and candy. For Easter, I especially like getting white chocolate bunny's or the giant Kinder Surprise Eggs.

When it comes to peeps do you prefer bunnies or chicks?
Chicks all the way. I am a very traditional person.

What part of the chocolate bunny do you eat first?
Ever since my first chocolate bunny, I always start at the ears. I think this started because the bunny's my mom always use to get, the box only showed the head and body. Since the box covered the ears, I was able to sneak a taste without my parents noticing unless they actually opened it up.

What is your favorite thing about Easter?

My favorite part of Easter is the excitement it brings me knowing that my whole family is going to be coming together to spend the day with each other. Also that Spring and Summer is finally coming. 

I hope everyone enjoys their Easter weekends this year and get to spend time with their loved ones. Leave me a comment below letting me know what you have planned for this weekend to celebrate the holiday.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Becoming an It Girl with Rocks Box + A Gift For You

Hey Beauty Bees,

I have recently become surrounded with new pieces of shiny jewelry. Rocksbox has been making its way back to my mailbox and I am totally in love. Rocksbox is a membership-based styling service for high fashion designer jewelry. If you did not see my first review of this subscription box, definitely check it out here

I was contacted by Rocksbox to become one of their "It Girls" for their brand. I instantly replied with an ecstatic "YES!!" as I really enjoyed trying out their box last year and I was intrigued on finding out what improvements the company had since I last received a box.