Monday, June 29, 2015

Beauty Buzz Trial - Ipsy Bag June 2015 "Swim Into Beauty"

Opening card
Hey Beauty Bees,

I am getting around to my Ipsy Bag very late this month but I still wanted to do my review on it. That pink bubble mailer has sat on vanity for days waiting for me to finally dig into it and test everything out. This month's theme is called "Swim Into Beauty" and is full of products perfect for Summer.

Over the past few months, Ipsy has really been stepping up their game with their amazing makeup bag designs. I instantly fell in love with this month's black neoprene-esque black and pink bag. It will be the ultimate bag for bringing to the beach since it will keep everything inside from getting wet.
The makeup bag from June 2015 Ipsy Bag Review
If you are new to Ipsy and would like to learn more about how this monthly subscription works, you can check it out here.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Guest Post - How to Look Awake (Even Though You're Exhausted)

Hey Beauty Bees,

I am bringing to you today a guest blog post written by freelance beauty blogger, Vanessa Harper. The tips in this post are so helpful and I use some of them on a daily basis to help myself look more awake. Take a peek below, try some out and let me know which worked out best for you.

How to Look Awake (Even Though You're Exhausted)

How to Look Awake (Even Though You're Exhausted)
We all hate when we wake up in the morning and look downright haggard. Whether you're an overworked supermom, a career gal burning the midnight oil, or you just had a little too much fun last night, tired eyes and a dull complexion can really bring down your whole look. Plus, looking exhausted can dramatically age you (cue the horror movie music). Fortunately, there are plenty of little tricks that can help you mask fatigue's effects. Here are some quick ways to revive your face and let you conquer your day:

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Beauty Buzz Trials - Clean Bar Box

Full box of soaps
Hey Beauty Bees,

I had a very interesting question come up to me the other day about hand soap. I got asked if I liked liquid or bar soap better. This reminded me of the newest subscription box I came across called Clean Bar Box.

This subscription sends you a box of artisan handmade soaps carefully selected to match the scents of the season. Each bar is made with coconut oil, olive oil and organic shea butter excluding bad ingrdients like preservatives, petroleum products, or parabens .

Every subscription box includes four new scents of soap which comes in two sizes:

Monday, June 22, 2015

Tips on Different Types of Swimsuits

Hey Beauty Bees,

Last week I did the "I Heart Summer Tag", and one of questions asked if I preferred Bikinis, Tankinis or One Pieces. When I was done writing that post, it got me searching online for some new bathing suits and I found way more than I thought I would.

I remember when there use to be only three types a two piece triangle bikini, a tankini and a one piece swimsuit. Now there is so many different styles and designs that you can literally get any kind of suit that you want. Here are just a few of the latest trends for swimsuits; high neck crop top, retro high waisted, sporty chic, ruffles, and sexy cut-outs.    

Friday, June 19, 2015

I Heart Summer Tag

Hey Beauty Bees,

In two days we will finally be able to say it is Summer!! I am overly ecstatic for this since I am ready for everything that comes with the Summer season like beach days, shorts and sun.  I am also excited to start sharing many Summer inspired posts like the Top 5 Sandals post that I uploaded earlier this week.

To celebrate the beginning of Summer, I wanted to do the "I Heart Summer Tag" that I have seen on YouTube and many other blogs. There are many different versions so I picked out some of my favorite questions from the different tags and I am going to answer them below.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The 5 Type of Sandals You Need for Summer

beach with sandals
Hey Beauty Bees,

I have been going through my shoes today, putting away my boots and moccasins while pulling out all my sandals from last year. There are so many different type of sandals that I have been seeing girls wear lately and I wanted to dedicate a post to talking about the different types that I think everyone should have in their arsenal for this upcoming season.

I love shoes from absolutely anywhere but lately the sandals I have been wearing are from Forever 21, DSW and Charlotte Russe. I just recently did a shoe haul on my blog with all the newest pairs of shoes I have bought in the last few weeks.

These are the five sandal types:

Monday, June 15, 2015

June 2015 Beauty Haul - Online Edition

All my purchases for this haul.
Hey Beauty Bees,

I have been stalking my mail box for a few days now waiting for the multiple online beauty purchases that I made. I originally only wanted to order a few items from the Bath and Body Works Semi Annual Sale, since I knew I was not going to be able to make it in-store during the sale. Is it just me or when Semi Annual sales come around, do us girls just go overboard with shopping?

Friday, June 12, 2015

My Top 5 YouTube Beauty Gurus

Hey Beauty Bees,

This past week was a very special week for me as it was my 1 year blogiversary. On this day, I got to thinking a lot about how and why I started my blog and one of the biggest contributors was YouTube.

Youtube logo
For many years now, I have had an obsession with watching different makeup and fashion videos on YouTube and this is where I learned all about "beauty gurus". I remember the first YouTuber I ever subscribed to was Bethany Mota and I would watch her videos every day, constantly on the look out for any new ones. Since that time I now follow and subscribe to over 20 different beauty channels and keep myself updated on all the newest videos that they upload.

This helped my love of makeup and fashion grow and my interest into starting my own beauty outlet. At first I thought I would start my own YouTube channel but I could not see myself sitting in front of a camera and sharing my opinions through video. Instead, I took my other love of writing and aspiration to be a journalist as the best path and started my blog.

Now although I follow multiple channels, there are 5 specific ones that I love the most and wanted to share with you guys. These girls all have different personalities and every single one inspired me in a different way on starting my blog.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

My Makeup Collection

My makeup collection dresser
Hey Beauty Bees,

On June 9th, 2014, I started writing this beauty blog with an average sized makeup collection. (Check out my blogs birthday post from the other day) With my love for makeup and a new reason to collect every and any type of makeup, the splurges began. I was also starting to collect many products from some amazing companies for reviews. I must have almost tripled my makeup collection since I started.

I have been waiting for my one year milestone to do this blog post about my makeup collection and sharing with you guys what products I have been collecting over the year.

I  keep all my beauty products in this dresser that I DIY'ed with this striped drawer paper. I have been swooning over the IKEA Alex drawer but I am waiting until we move into our bigger apartment before I think about buying it. I am planning on designing an entire space to be my own personal beauty room, but until then I love my little beauty dresser. The first two drawers is where I keep all my makeup, the third is for hair tools/products and the last is a random beauty junk drawer.

I have gone back and forth in my mind if I want to list the name of every product and I decided that I will since there are so many times I see a collection where I would love to get one of the products, but have no clue what the name of it is.

**Now before I go through my collection, I just want to disclaim that I am not trying to brag or show off in anyway. I have been requested to do a makeup collection many times and I really enjoy seeing other peoples posts like this so I thought it would be cool to share my own.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Its My One Year Blogiversary!!

Its my one year Blogiversary
Hey Beauty Bees,

Today is a very special day for Boston Beauty Buzz. We just turned 1!! Exactly one year ago today, June 9th, I clicked publish on my first post and started on this blogging journey to share everything I know about beauty and fashion. With over 170 posts, it amazes me to watch my blog grow everyday.

Monday, June 8, 2015

Beauty Buzz Trial - Graze Box

My two graze boxes.
Hey Beauty Bees,

Sooooo, I got really hungry the other day while writing my post about being an organized blogger, and in turn ended up speaking with a rep from Graze box about doing a review on their snack boxes. Graze is a mini-snack subscription box that sends a customized selection of treats weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. I was sent 2 of their 4 snack variety boxes and did they ever look delicious. 

While I was researching more into how this company started I was so touched to learn that the creators of Graze box were all friends and honestly just wanted to find some better tasting healthy snacks. They have created over 100 interesting snacks and there are a ton more to come. They also work at being environmentally friendly, by using 100% biodegradable & 100% recyclable packaging and paper.

Friday, June 5, 2015

Beauty Buzz Trial - Tom Box

A tom box review

Hey Beauty Bees,

Is it the time of the month again? Are you feeling kind of crappy and need a pick me up? Then this subscription box is perfect for you....Oh boy, I did just sound like a corny infomercial but I am actually serious about this. I did not know they had "period" subscription boxes out there but I just recently found out about it and found it so interesting. This particular one is called Tom Box and I think it is great. Here is what its all about:

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

What's in my Bag? - Spring 2015

Whats in My Purse
My Michael Kors Jet Set Logo large tote.
Hey Beauty Bees,

June has finally arrived, which means Summer is almost here!! With another month over, YouTubers and Bloggers swarm the internet with their monthly favorites but I did not want to do that this month. At the beginning of May I started using my new purse which I got during my Natick Mall shopping trip and I thought it would be interestng to do a "What's in my purse" post talking about all the items and products I kept in my purse for the month of May.

The purse I have been carrying is the Michael Kors Jet Set Logo Large Tote in Brown. I absolutely love this bag because it fits so much!! The front pocket is like an extra wallet since it has spaces to put many cards. The inside is divided into three huge sections. The outer two are regular with open and zippered pockets. The middle section is actually just one giant zipper section that you can leave closed to use as a divider or open as a way to organize your bag. I usually put important papers or receipts that I need to file away later on in this section so they do not get ripped or folded. I also put my tablet or laptop in this section if I am bringing it somewhere with me.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Going to a Shooting Range for the First Time

Hey Beauty Bees,

I know this is not a beauty or fashion related post but I found this topic to be a very important one to talk about, especially after the experience I had this past Friday. To start out, Chris has been wanting to take me to the shooting range for years now and on Friday we finally got the chance to go. We had it planned for about 2 weeks and I will be honest in saying that I was pretty nervous for it as I had never shot a real gun before.

The range we went to was called Original Bob's Shooting Range in Salisbury, Massachusetts. As soon as we got there I could here the gun shots from outside and I will not lie, I jumped about 20 feet the very first one I heard. Once inside, there was many cases full of guns and even more mounted on the walls. I started to get a little anxious while I watched the man behind the desk pull the two guns that Chris choose for us; a .22 Ruger and .40 Glock. I was coming to realize that in just a few minutes I was going to be shooting an actually gun.

After we got everything we needed, including our chosen targets, we headed into the range. For the first fifteen minutes, I jumped or flinched at every gun shot I heard and every empty bullet casing that flung toward me. Chris then went over how to use the gun a couple of times before I understood fully on how to use it.