Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Blogmas 1 - On The First Day of Blogmas

Hey Beauty Bees,

On the First Day of Blogmas...

It is the first day of December which means everyone is in full blown preparation for Christmas. I am the biggest fan of Christmas and get so into the whole swing of things very early each year. I have been dieing to start my Blogmas series since I started seeing little reminders pop up every where about the Holiday seasons such as my favorite mall setting up decor and seeing houses in my town putting up outdoor lights.

If you are not sure what "Blogmas" is, it is a series that bloggers do during the month of December. Normally, it is posting Christmas related posts every single day up until the 25th. I have seen many different variations of Blogmas going on and you can tweak it to however you seem fit. 

This year I am calling my series "The 12 Days of Christmas" as I am going to post every other day, starting today, until Christmas. This will equal out to 12 posts! I plan on sharing many gift guides, festive decorations, Holiday look books and other Christmas related topics.

Although I am not going to post 24 days in a row on my blog, I do plan on posting a lot on my Instagram account (BostonBeautyBuzz) for the holidays.

I recently got the 24 Happy Days Beauty Advent Calendar from The Body Shop and will be posting what I get after opening each day! I loved getting the chocolate advent calendar when I was younger, but now being an adult I thought this beauty calendar would fit my current tastes much better. Also, it would make for some great insta-posts!
Last year I posted every single day in December for Blogmas and it turned into a great series. You can see the full list of posts from last year below!

If you need some ideas for Blogmas, check out the post I did last month with a whole list of ideas. I hope you enjoy my blogmas series this year and I would love to get some feedback from you guys. If you are participating in your own Blogmas series, link it below for me to check out.

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