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Blogmas 10 - Ipsy Bag December 2015 Review "With Love From Ipsy"

Blogmas 10 - December 2015 Ipsy Bag Review "With Love From Ipsy"
Hey Beauty Bees,

This is the last Ipsy bag of the year and I am super excited for it! December's theme is "With Love from Ipsy" and I definitely feel that they packed my bag with love with all the great looking items that tumbled out once I unzipped it. The card added was so cute with all the girls from Ipsy made into emojis!

Blogmas 10 - December 2015 Ipsy Bag Review "With Love From Ipsy"
The bag this month is a red quilted design that I think will make the perfect little makeup bag to toss into your purse for Christmas parties or other outings. I thought it was super funny when I showed my husband and he told me it reminded him of a taco.

If you are new to Ipsy and would like to learn more about how this monthly subscription works, you can check it out here.
Blogmas 10 - December 2015 Ipsy Bag Review "With Love From Ipsy"
Peony Cosmetics Shadow Trio - Full Size Value $17.95
To start off I got this eye shadow trio from a brand that I have never heard of or tried before. Usually I would say that I am kind of over getting more nude shades, but this little set was so pretty. With the addition of the shimmery gold/bronze shade, I think this will be the perfect combo for a sparkly party look during Christmas. The shadows had pretty good pigmentation and there was next to no fall out.
Blogmas 10 - December 2015 Ipsy Bag Review "With Love From Ipsy"
Pacifica Power of Love Natural Lipstick in "Nudie Red" - Full Size Value $10
Everybody received this lipstick in their bag this month and I am super happy. At first I was not sure if I was going to like the color from the swatch since it was very light. After applying it to my lips I really loved how close to my natural lip color it was and how nice it made my lips look. It is pretty sheer but is also very buildable. I can see it being one I reach for a lot in the next few weeks.
Blogmas 10 - December 2015 Ipsy Bag Review "With Love From Ipsy"
RickyCare by Ricky's NYC Classic 3D Blender - Full Size Value $10
Being a huge fan of Beauty Blenders, I was interested in trying out this dupe sponge. It says that it is designed with a slightly more dense texture that not only fits contours of the face but givens the sponge a lengthier life cycle. After trying it out, I really prefer my Beauty Blender since it blends out my foundation and concealer more quickly and precise. This sponge just felt too hard for my face and did not have a lot of bouncy spring that I like when rushing with my makeup. 
Blogmas 10 - December 2015 Ipsy Bag Review "With Love From Ipsy"
Elizabeth Mott Thank Me Later Eye Shadow Primer - Sample Size Value $10
I actually was not able to test out this product yet but I have tried many other Elizabeth Mott products before and I have never been disappointed. The packaging however really reminds me of the Too Faced Primed and Poreless Face Primer. I am always trying out new shadow primers since I have not found one that is my holy grail yet so fingers crossed!
Blogmas 10 - December 2015 Ipsy Bag Review "With Love From Ipsy"
Marc Anthony Hair Care Coconut Oil & Shea Butter Deep Conditioning Treatment - Sample Size Value $2.99
This final product really intrigued me since I have been loving any type of deep conditioners for my hair. I have heard a lot of people mentioning how good coconut oil is in your beauty regimen, especially in your hair! With just one use my hair felt super silky and smooth eliminating any frizz. It also smell amazing because of the shea scent. 

November's bag was valued at around $50.94 and contained 3 full sized and 2 sample sized products. This month's Ipsy bag was definitely one of the better bags and ended off the year  well. I really loved the lipstick and hair conditioner, both items that will be used a lot during Christmas break. I was not the biggest fan of the blending sponge because of how hard it felt to me and just the fact that I am a huge Beauty Blender fan. Overall, 4 out of 5 products is pretty good for me! I can not wait to see what the new year brings for Ipsy and I highly recommend you guys joining if you have not already.

Beauty Buzz Rating: 4/5
Did you receive an Ipsy bag this month? What products did you get?

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