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Blogmas 2 - Christmas Gift Guide for Girls

Blogmas 2 - Christmas Gift Guide for Girls
Hey Beauty Bees,

December is a really busy month for the shopping world and getting the perfect gift for that family member or friend can sometimes become extremely stressful. Even I have been struggling with finding certain gifts for some of my family members, but I always find gift guides a huge help when I am stuck.

I did a gift guide for girls, as well as guys, last year during my Blogmas series. You can see that post here. Today I wanted to do an updated guide for gift ideas with items that you will be able to find in stores today. Take a peek through the three sections (Beauty, Fashion and Miscellaneous) for some inspiration on what to get the ladies in your life.


1. Makeup is a no brainer for most girls and no one would be upset receiving one of these amazing palettes from Sephora!

2. Christmas time always brings out the best nail polish sets that include so many different colors! This is perfect if you are not sure what their favorite color is since they are bound to like at least one! I find the best nail sets at Ulta.

3. Brushes can get pretty pricey especially if you buy them all separately. Brands like Sigma, E.L.F and Real Techniques have some amazing full brush sets for sale all at different price ranges to accommodate any buyer.

4. I just recently became a lover of this brand, but Nume is where I have been going for all my hair tools. I just recently got one of their curling irons and I am absolutely in love. If your giftee is looking for a new straightener or blow dryer, take a peek at Nume's site for some amazing deals. Don't forget to look up some coupon codes at RetailMeNot!

5. Everyone loves to smell nice and what a better way to do that then with body lotions, shower gels and perfumes. Many stores sell great sets but I recently picked up some great sets in some yummy scents at The Body Shop. I highly suggest the Frosted Cranberry scent if who your buying for likes sweet and fruity scents.

6. Lush! I think this is pretty explanatory. Who does not want to lay in a warm bath with a towering amount of bubbles surrounding you or the moisturizing oils giving off wonderful scents to the air as well as your skin. With a few bath bombs or bubble bars added to a gift, you will everyone's favorite gift giver.

1. During Winter time, sweaters are a huge welcome to any wardrobe. I personally love sweaters from Victorias Secret PINK and American Eagle since they are so warm and fit great.

2. This is the perfect fashion gift for really anyone since everyone wears pajamas. I love these pairs from Victorias Secret since you can get thermal sets, pj shorts or tank top/flannel sets.

3. Winter accessories like gloves, hats and scarfs are a great gift especially in areas that get a lot of cold snowy weather. Charlotte Russe has some of my favorite scarves and always have amazing deals on them such as BOGO.

4. This gift could get a little pricier but Michael Kors is a really good quality High Fashion brand that carries many different accessories. I really love their bags and think any woman would love to carry one.

5. Statement necklaces have been a huge fashion trend of this year and I can definitely see it continuing into the new year. I get the majority of mine from Forever 21 since they are inexpensive and are well made. You can find them in any style and color, making it super easy to choose one that will work as a gift.

6. Fuzzy socks is like the "Cherry" on top of Christmas gifts. Every year someone gets me a pair and I absolutely love them! On days when you are in bed and you just need some extra warmth, I always reach out for these socks to keep my toes warm.
1. This is a gift that keeps on giving since they will continue to receive them for a few months. Subscription boxes has the option to buy a gift subscriptions to give. There are so many different subscriptions out there that will cater to anyone's interests such as beauty, fashion, healthy lifestyle, food, jewelry and many more. Take a peek below for a Holiday themed box that I recently received.

2. Movies or TV Shows are a great gift for the movie buff in your circle or the couch potato! Pick up their favorite flick or get the first season of their favorite show and I can guarantee they will invite you to watch it with them.

3. ...Food...I think this is pretty explanatory as well. Who doesn't like to receive their favorite treats.

4. Bath and Body Works has the best smelling candles and make a great gift for anyone no matter how close they are to you. Choose a popular scent and give away. You could also add scent plug ins or room sprays to any gift. I also love checking out Yankee Candle to mix up the type of scents I want.

5. You can really never go wrong with a gift card. If you know the specific store they like, I can almost guarantee you can get a gift card from them. If you don't know where they like to shop, most malls have gift cards that will work at any store within it, making it the ultimate gift card to anyone who gets one.

6. These few Microsoft electronics are perfect for the gadget buff in your life. New speakers or some headphones are something really anyone could have a use for.
This Holiday season Tomboxes (Time of Month) has chosen me as one of their top 100 reviewers to be a part their next promotion of receiving this month’s Holiday No Flow Double the Makeup Box! Thanks Tomboxes for sending the items!

I received:

  • (1) Beaded Obsidian Bracelet with a Skull Charm
  • (1)  Set of Bangle Bracelets
  • (1) Eye Shadow by Med USA
  • (1) Harvey Prince sample of Perfumista
  • (1) HD Concealer by Nickak NY
  • (1) Lord & Berry Eyeliner Pencil in Travel Black
  • (1) 1-Ounce Package of Speach's Dark Chocolate
  • (1) Self-Tanning Natural & Uniform Color by Urban Cosmetics
  • (1) Spa Pedicure Collection by Aroma
You may remember that I wrote a review about Tomboxes back in June. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the company you can read my review here.

I hope you enjoyed this gift guide and that it gave you some ideas to help you shop for girls. Let me know below if you used any of the gift ideas from above or what you would add to this list. Stayed tuned later in the month for a Guys Gift Guide!

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