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Blogmas 6 - My Christmas Decorations

Blogmas 6 - My Christmas Decorations
Hey Beauty Bees,

One of my favorite parts of the Christmas season is the decorations. I love seeing them pop up after Thanksgiving around the city and in peoples houses. I always emjoyed helping my Mom decorate and put up the Christmas tree when I was younger. Now that I am married and have my own place, this year I finally have the chance to pick out my own decorations and set it up however I want.
Blogmas 6 - My Christmas Decorations
A couple weeks ago Chris and I took a trip to Home Depot to pick out our first Christmas tree. We got a 6.5 foot multi-color pre-lit tree and I think it fits perfect in the corner of our living room. For tree decorations we picked up a few packs of silver and blue ball ornaments as well as silver sparkled snowflakes. We also grabbed this pretty star to top our tree,.
Blogmas 6 - My Christmas Decorations
My favorite part of our tree is our section of  miscellaneous ornaments. Some are from Chris's childhood (teddy bear, blue Power Ranger and baby's first Christmas ball) and some are ones we have randomly picked up during Christmas shopping (Spider-Man, Minion, Patriots Bear and Motorcycle Santa).  I have two favorites:

1. The Christmas minion Chris got me when he went Christmas shopping for me. He knows how much I love all the Despicable Me movies as well as The Minions movie, so he knew I would fall in love with it the second he saw it in Newbury Comics. He told me he couldn't wait for me to open it since he wanted me to put it on the tree for this year. 

2. The other is the Santa and Mrs.Claus riding on the motorcycle. While walking through the mall a few weeks back, we came upon a Christmas clay ornament kiosk filled with amazing pieces. Since Chris is a huge motorcycle enthusiast and tries to get me on his bike, he thought this would look adorable on our tree. They were able to write something on the ornament too so we got "Mr and Mrs Poe " on it, to celebrate our first Christmas together as a married couple.
Blogmas 6 - My Christmas Decorations
This year Chris and I both decided that we were going to go out and buy each other their stockings. I think we both did an amazing job picking out the perfect stocking for the other because when we revealed them we both got extremely excited. We both can't wait to stuff them for the other to open for Christmas. Minion is mine, Yoda is his.
Blogmas 6 - My Christmas Decorations
The final decor we put out was our Christmas village. We both absolutely loved the villages our parents and grandparents had when we were younger, so we instantly knew that we wanted to piece together our own. Half of the pieces were bought at Home Depot and the other half were inherited from Chris's parents. I really love how we were able to space out the village on our TV stand and our lamp shelves. 

Those are all the decorations I put out for Christmas. Being our first year, we wanted to get just a few decorations beyond our tree since we know that we have many years ahead of collecting different decor pieces. I would love to see your Christmas tree or other decorations that you like to put out. Leave me a link below if you did a post about them or links to social media posts.

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