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Blogmas 7 - 10 Ways to Get Into the Christmas Spirit

10 Ways to Get Into the Christmas Spirit
Hey Beauty Bees,

"57 Degrees. Clear Skies. 0% Precipitation. "

The date is December 12th and as I write this post, the weather is what I stated above. Not very Christmas-y. No cold to make us want to sip on hot chocolate. No snow to give us the constant reminder that Christmas is approaching. Without this reminder, there are a lot of people who are having a hard time getting into the spirit of the holidays.

I am here to save the day and give you 10 ways to get yourself into the Christmas Spirit!
10 Ways to Get Into the Christmas Spirit
1. Decorate - Put up your tree or start spreading some decor around your home to give your space a little bit of festive flare. Check out my last Blogmas post to see how I decorated my living room!

2. Treats - Christmas time brings a lot of different food and drinks to get us in the spirit. Grab yourself some eggnog and gingerbread cookies to really taste the flavors of Christmas. You could even build yourself a gingerbread house if you really want too.
10 Ways to Get Into the Christmas Spirit
3. Scents - Burn some Christmas scented candles such as Frosted Cranberry, Twisted Peppermint or Sugar cookie. If you are not a fan of candles, you can get some great scented room sprays to give off some holiday scent.

4. Movies - What really gets me into the holiday mood is watching Christmas movies! ABC Family is doing 24 days of Christmas and is playing holiday flicks all month. You can see some of my favorite clips from Christmas movies here.

5. Music - If you are driving, tune that radio to the Holiday station and sing along to "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer" or "Baby Its Cold Outside". You can listen to holiday music while studying for finals, doing chores, at work or even just relaxing.
10 Ways to Get Into the Christmas Spirit
6. Advent Calendar - Whats a better way to get ready for Christmas than by counting down! We may be half way there but its never to late to get yourself an Advent Calender, lucky you just gets to play catch up and open multiple days at once. I am loving mine from The Body Shop and am sharing whats inside daily on my Instagram: @bostonbeautybuzz

7. Nails - The next time you head to the nail salon or get out your polishes, paint on a few snow flakes or a snowman. Cute little Christmas reminders on your nails should really get you in the mood for the Holidays.

8. Shopping- If you haven't all ready, get on that Christmas shopping and when you are at the mall and stores take a minute to look around. The decorations and atmosphere of these locations always get me feeling excited and festive.
10 Ways to Get Into the Christmas Spirit
9. Ugly Sweaters - Once December comes along, my collection of Ugly Christmas sweaters and Christmas themed leggings start to make an appearance. I have been loving this reindeer sweater that I picked up last month from Bethany Mota's Aeropostale line.

10 Donate - My last tip to getting into the Christmas spirit is one that I feel is most important! Donate! Most people have more than they actually need and there are way too many people in this world who don't have anything at all especially when it comes around to Christmas. Giving even just a little bit can really boost your holiday spirit knowing that you are helping make someone else's Christmas wishes come true. Here are some of the causes that I like to support each year:

These are some of the ways that I like to get into the Christmas spirit each year and I am sure some of them could work for you too! Let me know below how you like to get into the Christmas mood!

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