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Blogmas 8 - Billion Dollar Brows Kits

Blogmas 8 - Billion Dollar Brows Kits
Hey Beauty Bees,

The last few weeks of December seem to be the most popular time for Holiday parties! Whenever I get ready for a Christmas party I always like my makeup to be on point especially my brows! The brand Billion Dollar Brows has a very similar belief! 

"Eyebrows are one of the most important features of our faces - and yet they are often the most neglected. We believe that beautiful brows are a right, not a privilege. Our products are priced fairly so that you don't have to break the bank to have Billion Dollar Brows."

They sent me two of their brow kits to test out and I wanted to battle them against each other to see which I liked the most! Here is what I got:

Blogmas 8 - Billion Dollar Brows Kits
 Includes: 1 Brow Powder Taupe and 1 Brow Brush

Blogmas 8 - Billion Dollar Brows Kits

**Universal Brow Pencil: Formulated to work beautifully with most skin tones and hair colors. Plus, the Universal Brow Pencil is automatic—it never needs sharpening and it comes complete with a spoolie brush on the opposite end for effortless blending and a perfect finish.

**Brow Duo Pencil: Highlights your brow bone to add definition and warmth while providing instant visual “lift.” The highlighter works with every skin tone. Plus, for on-the-go touchups, they added a handy universal concealer on the opposite end of the pencil. 

**Brow Gel: This clear brow gel locks in your look, giving your eyebrows a long-lasting, radiant glow while keeping them perfectly in place all day.

**Smudge Brush: This flat, synthetic brush is the ideal mate for applying creamy cosmetics like our Brow Duo Pencil. 
Blogmas 8 - Billion Dollar Brows Kits
This was really interesting to play around with. The picture on the left is my natural brows with no product in them. The picture on the right are my brows down each with a different product: Best Sellers Kit (left eyebrow), 60 Seconds to Beautiful Brows Kit (right eyebrow)

Best Sellers Kit (left eyebrow) - I went in thinking this product would be my favorite out of the two, but weirdly enough I was wrong. The pencil did work really great at filling in sparse areas and creating a more fluid shape, but I keep feeling that I was pressing too hard and making very sharp looking lines. I had to use the spoolie a lot to blend it out so it did not look very harsh. I really loved the eyebrow gel because it did not feel really sticky and keep my brow looking great all day. I did not really see the use of the brush with this kit but the highlighter stick was a great addition to help define the brows.

60 Seconds to Beautiful Brows Kit (right eyebrow) - My favorite product of the two! The color matched really well, whereas I felt the pencil came off a little darker. This product really took no time at all to use, I just dipped the amazing slanted brush in the powder pot and brushed it along my brows to fill them in. Going back and forth with the brush and spoolie, I was able to give myself a great looking brow in no time!

If I had to choose just one set I would go with the 60 Second kit since I love using products that work well in a quick amount of time. I do however really love the highlighter stick and gel in the other kit and will continue to use them in my brow makeup routine! Either kit would make great stocking stuffers for Christmas and it is not too late to pick them up! Check out Billion Dollar Brows website to order them today! http://www.billiondollarbrows.com/

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*Disclaimer- I am not being paid to write this review however I was sent these products for free from Billion Dollar Brows. All opinions are my own and are based on my personal experience and liking of the products. 

Billion Dollar Brows is also hosting a "Best Sellers" Giveaway contest

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