Monday, April 18, 2016

Trend Report Braids Mania - Guest Post by Peter Minkoff

Hey Beauty Bees,

I absolutely love braids and think it is the best accessory your hair can have! Today, I am sharing an amazing guest post by Peter Minkoff, who has actually written for Boston Beauty Buzz before. You can see his last post here - Best Themed Halloween Party Ideas.

Whatever the question may be, braids are now the ultimate answer! You need to learn how to make them as soon as possible as this is the hottest trend of the year 2016 which is bound to make you stylish in any occasion. A fun night out, strolling along the city, going to work, you name it!

It all started a couple of months ago when celebs started rocking them and the world went crazy about them. In January 2016 it was Kim Kardashian who amazed the world with her stylish boxer braids. Soon there was a hype over them and we saw Cara Delevigne nailing her edgy look with tight up-do with braids.  The magnificent Stella McCartney was the highlight of the British Awards when she nailed the look with a single side braid. 

How to Style Them and Make a Perfect Braid

Making your hair look thicker and fuller is the key to any good hairstyle. Furthermore, you need to get a perfect hair brush which will make your hair ready for braiding. You need to brush your hair carefully to make sure there are no knots and tangles. Then, decide what kind of braids do you want and whether you will know how to do it or schedule an appointment at a beauty studio and be treated by professionals.
You can make a braid in no time. After brushing your hair, make a side parting. You will need to have to split the hair into three sections. Grab one outer part and cross it over, then grab another part from the other side and pull it to the middle and just repeat it until you have used all of the section hair. To get a firmer braid pull harder or to make beautiful boho braids – be light on your hair and make it loose. You will need to have a hair band to secure the braid.

One of the most common braids is the French one which you can easily make. Just follow the French braid DIY tutorial and enjoy your perfect new style. It is great for sweltering heat that lies in head of us, as you will look both stylish and free from hair causing you trouble in the hot weather.

If the French one is too basic for you and you feel like spicing up the braid game a bit, go for the Dutch braid. Follow carefully the Dutch Braid tutorial and you will look posh in a couple of minutes. 

What to wear?

So, once you have figured out what kind of braid you want and you have made it, there is just one thing to take care of – the matching clothes.

Those of us who are in love with boho details will love matching the loose braid with it. Boho braids are great for early spring and summer as they make you seem romantic and fun while being so stylish. There is no more boho hairstyle than braids! So be sure to mix and match the right pieces to fulfil the look.
For the summer months you will need to check boho inspired women’s swimwear. The lovely 70s vibe swimsuits will perfectly match your braids and you can enhance the look by rocking a lot of statement jewelry. Match your favorite bikini top with a vintage denim short and a oversize sweater for those chilly summer nights.

As far as the day look, you could wear a white dress with a boho kimono to look stylish. Do not forget wedges and a half moon bag to make your outfit super stylish!

If you feel like nailing this boho trend at work, wear colourful dresses or a suit with boho Dutch braids and you will feel super-confident and relaxed as there will be no hair getting in the way in front of you.

The new braid trend is here to stay so you should find the right one that is just your thing and learn how to make it. This spring and summer you can look really boho if you go for the braids and matching details. We love it!

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