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Beauty Buzz Trial - Perfectly Posh

Hey Beauty Bees,

Today I got the chance to try out a new brand of products called Perfectly Posh. They carry many different naturally based items ranging from skincare, hair care, soaps and body care. This company shares great products all over the USA through amazing Independent Consultants. I had the honor of getting in contact with Crista White who is a Perfectly Posh consultant and she sent me a whole bunch of product samples to try out for you today.

Crista put togeather such a cute package for me to try out and even added in a couple extra full size items as a gift! If you are interested in any of the products or have any questions about them you can contact Crista White at any of these places:

Crista White Perfectly Posh Profile:
Stripper Detox Body Mud - ($24 for 8 oz)
The description of this products explains that it is aggressive and not for the faint of heart. It is not recommended for your face so I tested it out on my arm so see how it worked. The scent of it was vanilla and spice but it just kept reminded me of chocolate or cinnamon. After it dried, which took about 15 minutes, and I washed it off I was not very impressed. It did not leave any difference in my skin except leaving a weird stain.

Rio Rumba Sand Foot Scrub - ($24 for 9 oz)
I really liked this foot scrub. I was able to get two uses out of the small packet and it left my feet feeling so smooth and soft just like they do after running through the sand at a day at the beach. I also really loved the sweet scent of it and it kept my feet smelling nice all day long.
Smashing Good Pumpkin Face and Body Clay - ($19 for 4 fl oz)
I was very surprised at the scent of this product when I first opened it. I liked it at first because of the vanilla but then it got a bit overpowering with the pumpkin scent. I tried this on my face and I was expecting it to work like any other clay mask, put it on wet and it drys. After the 15 minutes it did not dry as much as I was expecting and after I washed it off, it left my face looking very red for a couple hours. However, it did leave my skin feeling super soft and clean feeling so that is a plus.

Cackle Spackle Detoxifying Face Mask - ($18 for 2 oz)
I have tried many charcoal masks before and I absolutely love them! With that fact, this face mask was being put up against some very high standards in my mind. After testing it out, I would definitely put it in my #2 spot of favorites because it worked so well at giving me a smooth, soft and clean feeling face. I really enjoyed the subtle minty scent as well. The only reason this is in my second spot is because it is a little bit more expensive then the my top favorite.

Apricots Overnight Moisturizing Mask - ($22 for 3 fl oz)
I was not a fan of the scent of this mask and only because I do not like apricots not because it smelt bad. Beyond that, I really couldn't test it out because I do not like leaving something on my face overnight. It does however seem really interesting and would suggest others to try it out because you never know how well it could work.
Key Lime Pie Big Fat Yummy Hand Cream -  ($9 for 3 fl oz.)
This scent was on point! It smelt EXACTLY like Key Lime Pie and was super sweet and fruity. I love how non-greasy it was and how well it soaked into my skin. At first I did not think it was making my hands feel that smooth, but a couple minutes later once it fully melted into my skin, I fell in love. Just the tiniest dollop will leave your hands feeling like butter. These hand creams definitely one of my favorite products from Perfectly Posh and I can not wait to get these in every single scent!
I want to start out by saying that these body butters are pretty good but not overly amazing. I did like how a little goes a long way though. All of them left my skin feeling moisturized and the scents lasted all day. Below I will review each kind on its scent alone.

Snarky Skindelicious Body Butter - ($24 for 10 oz)
At first I really liked this scent when I started rubbing it into my skin but after a while of wearing it, I got a little sick of the scent. I usually love scents with Shea and Almond but this particular body butter seemed to be heavy on the honey scent.

Brazilian Bombshell Skindelicious Body Butter - ($24 for 10 oz)
This scent is extremely fruity and sweet to me, almost to sweet. I tested out only a small amount and the scent was just too overpowering for me. Once again, it is not bad at all, but not a scent for me.

Sassy Suriname Skindeclious Body Butter - ($24 for 10 oz)
This scent was suppose to be cherry scented and that is exactly what I got. This one was by far my favorite one out of the three. It was the subtlest out of them all but the cherry scent came off so well. I can definitely see myself getting the full size of this butter.
A Peel to Me Snarky Exfoliating Bar - ($16 for 6 oz)
Once I told my Husband that this soap was orange scented, he stole it right away and ran to try it out. He fell completely in love with it because of how much he likes orange scents and how soft it left his skin feeling.

Gender Bender Charcoal Soap Chunks - ($9 for 7 oz)
Since Chris got to try out the other bar, I tried out this one and I was somewhat satisfied. I really enjoyed the scent and it left me feeling clean however I am more of a shower gel type of person so when it comes to bar soap, I am not a huge fanatic.

Overall, I really enjoyed the products from Perfectly Posh. I liked about 80% of the scents that were picked out for me but after a quick look through the site, I saw a lot that I know I would love. What I enjoyed the most is how many different type of products they carried. It seems like no matter what you are looking for, Perfectly Posh most likely will sell it. Pricewise, the products are very reasonable, all under $25 and they run a great deal that gets you a free product with a purchase of 5 products.

Beauty Buzz Rating: 4/5
Check out Perfectly Posh's website for more information on their products:

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*Disclaimer- I am not being paid to write this review however I was sent these products for free from Perfectly Posh. All opinions are my own and are based on my personal experience and liking of the products. You can see how the Beauty Buzz Rating scale works here.


  1. Thanks for the review of Perfectly Posh Linda! Re: The Stripper, because it is a detox mud, it works best to use it on the soles of your feet, or your armpits to pull the toxins out of the body, and it was my fault for not giving you the heads up on that. It CAN also be used occasionally on the face to draw out blackheads, but it can be very powerful, so we don't recommend using it in large amounts on the face. The redness you experienced after using the Smashing Good Pumpkin mask is actually very normal after using any type of mask with Kaolin clay in it. It is simply pulling impurities out of the skin which can cause some redness. As long as you moisturize right after, the redness will fade within an hour :)
    Individuals have different reactions to different scents, that is for certain---Snarky Butter is one of our top sellers, but I personally don't care for it. Brazilian Bombshell is my scent of choice but my husband hates it. The wonderful thing about Posh is that we have lots of different choices! Thanks again for the review, and I welcome your readers to contact me for samples of things they might be interested in trying!

  2. Thanks for the review, makes me wanna try the brand!

    Sara C.


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