Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Top 10 Favorite Blog Posts from the Past

Hey Beauty Bees, 

This week I thought it would be fun to take a look back through the past. Over the last few years I have posted almost 300 blog posts ranging from hauls, beauty tips, product tests and outfit ideas! Of course I enjoy writing all my posts but there are quite a few that I feel especially fond of. 

Today's post is going to be listing off some of these favorite posts of the past and even some sneak peeks into the process of writing each! Each post will have its link in the title so you can check out any of them for yourself!

makeup expiration dates

1. Makeup Expiration Dates: Should I Save or Toss?
The idea for this came out of me cleaning out my makeup vanity and trying to figure out what was actually expired and what may be alright to hold on to.

Out of all the posts I have written, this has been my most read and still to this day gets daily reads!

2. How I Clean My Makeup Brushes + DIY Brush Cleanser
I had originally not planned on writing this post but combining a blog post with a chore that badly needed to get done seemed like a win win. The brush cleaner DIY idea was actually something a friend had suggested to me to share with you. 

A funny tidbit to add is how long it took me to wash these brushes since I needed to snap photos at the same time. A 30 minute chore took almost 2 hours!

3. How I Save Money While Shopping
To start, who doesn't want to save money? I knew this was going to be a great post to share because over the years I have done a lot of shopping and even posted a lot of hauls; however, I do not like to spend a lot. 

With a shopping addiction, it is good to have some tips on how to save. What I really liked is that there is tips for saving before, during and even after shopping. 

urban decay naked smoky palette
4. Urban Decay's Naked Smoky Palette First Impression
This first impressions post was on a product that I bought with my first $50 profit from blogging!

I remember the huge hype about this palette and staying up until two am for it to be released online. I can happily say I was one of the first people to purchase it.

I had a lot of fun testing out this palette and being able to share what I thought about it

5. Beauty Buzz Trial - BioRepublic Facial Masks
Out of all of the Beauty Buzz Trials I have done on this blog, this is one of my favorites!

This brand and these masks were amazing and I became a frequent purchaser of BioRepublic's products.

This post was one of the most relaxing to write since I got to have a bit of a spa day in preparation for it!

6. My USA Fiancee Visa Immigration Experience & Life Update
As a permanent resident of the USA, I know that the journey and process I have gone through could be of help to others looking to move here.

Although this was a very personal topic, I got a ton of great feedback saying that this post helped many people who were curious about going through the immigration process.

Everybody who knows me, knows that I love to go shopping on my birthday. Being apart of many different store rewards programs is also an incentive since most give out birthday freebies, coupons, or gift cards to use during your birthday month!

This post was about all the freebies and birthday coupons I used on my 23rd birthday and everything I got for spending next to nothing!

This post was another one of my beauty buzz trials that I really enjoyed writing.

Although I am not good at doing my own nails, I had a lot of fun creating a look with these nail wraps. They were super easy to use which made for some really great looking photos

9. Five Tips on Being An Organized Blogger
I wrote this post after reading a forum of people asking about how to get more organized for there blogs. I figured why not share some of the tips I use for my own blog, and I got great feedback on it!

Everyone was super interested on my blogging blinder and everything I keep inside of it. To this day I still use that blogging binder and it is super convenient to have.

This was a super fun post to write since I absolutely love trying out beauty subscription boxes.

With my running list of beauty buzz trials  on subscriptions, sharing some of my favorites seemed like a great way to bring up past posts and give readers a running list of the best boxes to try.

So that is it! My top 10 favorite blog posts that I have written in the past! If you are a new reader, this is a great place start to get a vibe of who I am and what I do here on Boston Beauty Buzz. If you are a longtime reader, then you can get reacquainted with my blog posts and get excited for the new ones coming soon!

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