Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Guest Post by Rose William: 5 Sexy Bras Every Girl Must Have On Different Occasions

Your choice of bra can make a huge difference in your personality. If the bra has the right fit, it will enhance your personal style. A unique bra style can also make you look more confident.
Do you know about sexy bras every girl must have in her wardrobe? The sexy bras will suit your dress collection as well. Listed are 5 sexy bras that you must have, read on.
1. Powerhouse underwire Bra
Underwire bra style is perfect for casual dresses and party wear. It features velvet elastic framing at the border and that makes the bra look sexy. It features adjustable straps with underwire support for the bust. It also features hook and eye back closure with lined cups that define its look.
The bra has a very relaxed and lounge look and that makes a difference. It suits every body shape. The bra has a geometric pattern with a sheer mesh design. Its sexy in feel and easy to wear. Do add this one to your sexy bra collection.
2. Long line Bralette
Long line Bralette style can never go out of fashion. Bralette is one sexy bra every girl must have. This Bralette has a curvy style that gives full bust support. It features lined cups with power mesh. The bra is wire free so it provides total comfort.
It also features hook and eye back closure with the non-sheer look. It features adjustable straps, so you can adjust according to your dress style. The design is vivid and the floral feel makes the bra look amazing. There are many sizes available in this sexy bra, so take your pick.
3. Lunna bustier Bra
Bustier bras are sexy and perfect to enhance your cleavage. If you want that oomph feeling, you must have this bra in your collection. It has a lace band under the bust that provides complete support. It features lined cups with hook and eye back closure.
The cups are diamond shaped with geometric designs that enhance the look of the bra. The straps are skinny so you can accentuate the bra with your sexy jackets. The bra has a very futuristic feel to it and that makes it cool.
4. Crossover Bralette
Crossover Bralette has a bold and sexy style. It features unique wrap style cups that provide full support and coverage. The bra style is perfect for your casual flowy dresses. You can also team it up with your different dresses. The bra has a semi-sheer look with complete adjustable straps. The style is bold and sexy. It's just perfect for your lingerie collection.
5. Temptations Bralette
With molded cups and wire channeling, this Bralette is perfect for any body size. It features a racer back detail with sheer mesh and geometric lace design. It features hook and eye closure with unique trim design.
Though the look of the bra is simple, it gives a very sexy feel. Its sheer feeling provides complete comfort. You will love this one for sure. Its available in three different colors.


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