Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Christmas Stocking Stuffers for the Beauty Lover

Snowy background with makeup products
Hey Beauty Bees,

December is here which means Christmas is just around the corner! With the holiday shopping season in full swing, it is time to fill up those stockings that you hung by the chimney with care, but what do you put in there for that beauty lover? This post will share all the stocking stuffer goodies that this type of person will be thanking you all year for.

So go ahead, pour yourself a nice cup of cocoa, settle in, and behold all of the fabulous stocking stuffer options that I've found for the beauty lover in your life.

Monday, September 30, 2019

Fall Beauty Essentials: Everything You Need to Get Through the Season

Hey Beauty Bees,

The season of fall is officially upon us! The leaves are changing color and the cooler weather is taking over. With this change of seasons comes a change in beauty trends which means it is time to get our products in check. Ranging from makeup to skincare to hair products, today's post will get you up to date on what products you need to introduce into your routines and where to find them! 

First Week of Fall!

Hey Beauty Bees,

Unfortunately I do not have a new post for you this week as life has been super crazy between classes, work and home life. With my come back to blogging I knew that there was going to be weeks that I had to skip since I know I have many responsibilities that I must uphold before blogging.

However, instead of skipping this week altogether and it being the first week of fall, I am going to share some of my past fall inspired posts.

I hope you enjoy them and Happy Fall!