Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Must Have Clothes for Summer 2019 - Guest Post by Ankur Patel

In addition to raising hype for nights out and temperatures, summer comes with the challenge to dress up. It’s still a wonder how summer can rob you off the capacity to shake off the urge to shop for new outfits. While clothes are everywhere, it is quite a challenge to dress on summer. The proof is around you; see how people get it wrong. You might also fall in the category of people but it’s understandable. It’s already hard enough thinking of clothes to wear and impress daily and choosing your fabric by the yard.

Summer is about letting loose and you’d clearly do without putting unnecessary energy in what to wear. At the same time, you’re not arrogant enough to ignore the demands of the season. 

The way the temperature is high on summer, it might as well be written that the less you wear the better. But then, there’s the aspect of being body conscious and how summer is the only time your body might decide to go wild and expand. Which is all good but frankly, skimpy clothes might not feel right to you. Additionally, it is hard to come up with a fresh look since you can’t layer up.

This shows how you’re not the only one wondering what you’ll wear this summer. However, you’re in the right place and there’s amazing news for you. This article will mention some specific amazing outfits that are on trend and which need to be in your closet by the end of the read. These clothes will not only flatter your body but also ensure comfort and fun as you go through your day.

Summer Must Haves for Ladies

1. Shirt dress
Its summertime and you need to give those pair of jeans a break. In their place, bring shirt dresses into play. They are so chic, easy to wear, comfortable and flexible; which spells perfect for summer. They are so relaxed and easy to style. Only thing you need is a pair of vans and hat to get the flawless trendy street look. It’s so versatile that depending on how you wear it, you will have great style combos for both casual as well as official.

2. Crop top
Let’s start by making one thing clear, there’s no age limits for wearing crop tops. These are amazing outfits that have been on trend for the longest time ever and are going nowhere any time soon. So, you might as well jump on the bus. There are a multitude of designs that will suit everyone’s taste while giving you a sexy and comfy look effortlessly.

3. Shorts 
Shorts can either give you the ultimate street style or the high-end chic sophisticated look. It all depends on the fabric and design you desire. But generally, shorts will forever trend during summer due to their functionality. They not only flatter your body but also leave you feeling fresh the whole day.

4. Plain T-shirt
If you don’t have it already, go buy a pair of plain t-shirts considerably white. Whether you wear them tight or loose, you’ll easily look trendy when paired with the right bottom. You’ll realize there’s almost nothing you can’t pull off with a plain as your arsenal. This is most important in summer where you need to do less thinking and more of beach parties.

5. Straw Hat
Straw hats might not make it to your top ten lists of outfits, but it should be part of your wardrobe. Since time in memorial, they have been recognized to show royalty and grace. Therefore, to take your plain outfit to another level, add a touch of straw hat. Additionally, it protects your face from direct sunlight.

6. Maxi Dresses and Skirts
Maxi dresses and skirts of Liverpool fabric are what is fashionable Previously, they were mainly worn on conservative occasions or a stroll at night with your love. However, recently they’ve gained popularity in summers and are worn in everyday life regardless of the occasion. They are outfits that literally kill three birds with one stone. You get covered up but at the same time you’ll looking sexy and breezy.

Summer Must Haves for Guys

1. Linen shirts
Linen shirts are trending among men for all good reasons. They can be worn for both official and casual occasions. In summer, they are great and easily gives you spin. Simply let the first buttons loose, pair it with shorts, wear chinooks, and you’ll be killing the ladies. Be sure to pick the right size.

2. Polo shirts
Just as linen shirts, polo shirts are cooler than your standard shirts which give you an edge. In summer, ensure the buttons are open by default. Then pair them with loafers or sandals for that cool summer vibe.

3. Chino shorts
Chino shorts literally need to be your wardrobe staple by now. They are simple to dress and have perfect harmony between comfort and class. They easily give you sophistication and can be worn under different situations. You can never be totally sure of your schedule during this time. If a friend abruptly calls for a night out or a meeting with your boss, chino shorts will always have your back.

4. White sneakers
If you are a man, white sneakers are your starter pack to a better summer. Most people already have them because of their versatility. They’ll complement whichever outfit you decide to wear. Considering shoes are among the first things ladies notice, shopping for white sneakers would be in order.

You don’t require too much to be slick and elegant. As a matter of fact, as you dress these outfits, keep in mind that sometimes less is more especially when it’s summer. It is or should be written somewhere. Also try to shop the clothes in white since it’s the most versatile color and will come handy in keeping you breezy. Finally, do you know what will take the outfits mentioned to another level? Accessories. Therefore, play around with them and sit back and watch as you become the envy and standard of measure for many.


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