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Fall Beauty Essentials: Everything You Need to Get Through the Season

Hey Beauty Bees,

The season of fall is officially upon us! The leaves are changing color and the cooler weather is taking over. With this change of seasons comes a change in beauty trends which means it is time to get our products in check. Ranging from makeup to skincare to hair products, today's post will get you up to date on what products you need to introduce into your routines and where to find them! 

For fall it is all about the dark and smoky looks so leave those bright colors for summertime. Reach for your eye shadow palettes that contain deeper shades such as nudes, browns, and even jewel-tone blues or purples. Anything with a metallic finish will also keep you on trend for the dramatic look that fall is calling for. I will be reaching for my Urban Decay Naked Smoky palette as it contains high pigmented shadows and a formula that lasts all day long.
High (pale pink-nude shimmer w/ micro-sparkle), Dirtysweet (medium bronze), Radar (metallic taupe w/iridescent micro-sparkle), Armor (metallic silver-taupe w/tonal sparkle), Slanted (light metallic gray), Dagger (medium charcoal w/micro-shimmer), Black Market (jet-black satin), Smolder (deep plum-taupe), Password (cool taupe matte), Whiskey (rich brown matte), Combust (soft pink-taupe) and Thirteen (light beige satin).
Lip products

Another way to amp up your makeup look is to reach for those vamp-y lip shades. I get excited to bust out these dark and bold lip colors whenever fall rolls around; I live for the berry tones and deep reds. Shown above are some of the lip products I will be reaching for:


Unfortunately, dry air is unavoidable with the cold weather and that will reflect in ones skin. Humidity in the air is low which means earths natural moisturizer is not there to keep your skin feeling dewy and moisturized. Adding a daily moisturizer like Clinique's Dramatically Different Moisturizing line will keep you supple and glowing all season long. 

**Beauty Bee Beauty Tip: For all the oily and combination skin girls out there reach for the gel version of this moisturizer. For all dry to normal skin girls out there reach for the lotion version.**


If the moisturizer can not keep up with the needs of your skin, reaching for a face mask will certainly help. Peel-able, mud, and clay masks are all the rage right now, but I still reach for sheet masks as they are easier to use and a lot quicker in the clean up category. The Korean brand Peach Slices carries many types of sheet masks that are tailored to whatever your skin is in need of. 

Leave-In Conditioner

Just like our skin suffers moisture loss during Fall, so does your hair! To obtain that healthy shine and silky feel, don't forget to condition. Whether you choose to condition in the shower or out, make sure you take that extra time to treat the ends of your hair with care. Lazy as I am and sticking to only washing my hair 3-4 times a week in risk of drying it out, I tend to reach for a leave-in conditioner. I swap out conditioners a lot but currently I am testing out the AG Haircare Fast Food leave-in conditioner. It smells ah-mazing and instantly makes my hair feel silky smooth.

Nail Polish

With the seasons of fluffy socks and booties in our midst, we only have half the amount of nails to color, BUT that does not mean we should neglect our choice of nail color. Stash away those neon shades and bright colors. Dig out deep and bold shades like plum and navy or grab the metallic shines of gold and emerald. As pictured above, Butter London carries all the different shades you could ever ask for in the best, quick-drying formulas.

**Beauty Bee Beauty Tip: If your not a fan of the bold nail look, you can opt for a simple manicure with pale grey or nude as shown above with Ulta Beauty's nail polish collection**
Hand Sanitizers

Although this is less of a beauty item as the others I have talked about in this post, I will state that this is the most important product I use during the fall time. With back to school mixed in with the colder weather, colds are plentiful and no one is too safe when it comes to germs. I will not leave the house without one of my Bath and Body Works hand sanitizers and with scents like Pumpkin Donut and Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte who can really blame me!

With this list of fall beauty essentials you will be ready to go out and enjoy that beautiful leaf-changing season without worrying about how your skin, hair, and body will be reacting to it. Comment below which of these essentials you will be adding into your beauty routine! 

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*Disclaimer- I am not being paid to write this post and all products shown and linked to were purchased with my own money. All opinions are my own and are based on my personal experience and liking of the products. 

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