The Ultimate Beauty Guide for Gym Goer's

If you love beauty, going to the gym can be a trying experience. After all, you know you are doing your mind and body some good, and are likely to have better skin after your session. However, the thought of going bare-faced or not looking your best in front of all those people can be terrifying. The good news is that gym beauty is definitely now a thing, so all you gym bunnies out there can look your best during your workout as well as after it. Read on for my essential tips. 


First of all, let's deal without hair, as it can be a bit of a pain in the gym because it gets sweaty and if we don't tie it back it can stick to our body and face. Of course, there will always be those folks that workout with hair extensions following down their backs and more power to them! However, if you are looking for a more practical, yet still beautiful way of wearing your hair, you have come to the right place. 

There is a range of protective styles such as the ones at you can choose for the gym. These include the messy top knot, milkmaid brains, and even the classic high ponytail—much favoured for its face lifting properties. 

You can also keep your hair looking clean and full of body even while you work out by using a dry shampoo before you hit the gym. Just carry a mini size in your gym bag for convenience. 

Finally, don't forget that you can tame your hair and look great by opting to wear a band. I'm not talking 1980 sweatband though, but instead, a wide fabric band made from sports fabric that matches in with the rest of your outfit. 

Image found at Pixabay - License CC0


Talking of outfits, what you wear to the gym is vital in several ways. Of course, it needs to be comfortable and practical, and that means opting for performance fabrics. However, it's also crucial that what you wear makes you feel good. After all, most of us need all the confidence we can get when it comes to the gym! To that end, if you do feel quite right in a white crop top and cycle shorts, that is totally OK! Also, remember to have a fresh outfit for each gym session you do. Otherwise, you may notice a nasty odour! 

Finally, when it comes to your gym wear, you also must make sure that you choose just the right shoes for the type of activity you will be doing. The good news is that there is a vast range of gym footwear on the market. For example, training shoes that have supports for squatting, to footwear specifically designed to aid your gait on the treadmill. 


Traditionally, the issue of eyewear at the gym has been a sticky one. With contact lenses seemingly like a practical option, only to dry out in the ever-present air conditioning! 

It is this reason why many people are choosing to wear their glasses in the gym. There are even frames like the ones you can get from that are being designed by top sportswear companies like Nike. Something that means they are as suitable for them as a gym, as they are the board room, and most importantly, they look great too.  


Should I wear makeup at the gym?

Finally, what gym bunny beauty would be complete without the right makeup for their workout? Of course, there is some debate as to whether we should actually wear makeup at the gym or not. After all, some people argue that it can, at best cause spots, and at worst be responsible for premature ageing. 

However, the current opinion as you can see from the post at is that, while you may get the occasional spot, thoroughly cleaning your face after the gym, and in the right way will minimise the chances of this. 

Additionally having a proper post gym cleaning routine will also make sure that you don't end up with any additional wrinkles either. Oh, and don't forget that exercise is great for boosting collagen production in the skis, which means your gym activity will further help prevent ageing before your time. 

Light and natural is the way to go. 

If you feel you are most confident and beautiful in a full face of makeup for the gym, then I say go for it. However, where possible, you might want to consider a lighter and more natural look. 

There is a range of advances in operating for a lighter look. The first of these is that it's faster to apply, so you don't have to plan even more time into your schedule when working out. Secondly, a more natural look will have a lot less chance of smudging. Also if you do end up accidentally brushing your face with your arm, you won't leave fire-engine red smears on your face or gym clothes. 

To that end be sure to pick a natural coloured lip balm, and some clear brow gel. It's also pretty crucial that you find a waterproof sports mascara like the ones at as well. 

Watch out for greasy blends.

When it comes to gym makeup, you must keep your eyes peeled for greasy blends! The reason being that you will be sweating as you work out and they are likely to end up sliding right off your face. Not to mention making you feel overly hot and uncomfortable. 

Go equipped. 

Next, don't forget to take a black towel to pat your face with when you do get sweaty. Then if any makeup does transfer it won't be so easy to see. Additionally, invest in some blotting sheets to use after the gym, as these will help you retain that gorgeous glow, without sweat running down your face in rivulets. While you are at it, some hand sanitizer for the gym machine grips is a smart move too. 

Setting your makeup for the gym is not optional. 

Finally, if you genuinely want to make sure your makeup stays put while you are in the gym, remember to set your face. You'll find that there are plenty of products on the market, such as setting sprays that are designed specifically for this purpose. They usually have a sport or are active in the title. Be sure to give them 60 seconds or so to set before you hit the weights though and you can be sure to be the most beautiful gym bunny around!