Top 5 Apps For Beauty Lovers

Beauty lovers simply can’t resist adding to their beauty product collection, whether it’s a new lipstick shade or the latest self-tanner. If you haven’t explored the world of beauty apps yet, then you’ll certainly want to give these five a try!

1. YouCam Nails


The YouCam Nails app is a ‘mobile nail artist’ app where you can access hundreds of decals, colors, and patterns to create your own nail art designs. You can choose from professionally designed looks or create unique manicures of your own. With the YouCam Nails app, you don’t need nail varnish or remover to test out your own styles! The app offers plenty of features including nail tutorials, nail stickers, nail shape tips, and sharing opportunities in the ‘Beauty Circle’.


2. TroveSkin 


The TroveSkin app describes itself as ‘your personal skincare coach’. Here you’ll find all the content you need to perfect your skincare regime and improve your skin. Using the app, you can define and analyze your skin problems, whether fine lines, blemishes, or pore issues. You can also track how your skin improves when you implement various lifestyle changes or try out new products. The first step is to take the skin type quiz, and next up, you can receive personalized skincare tips about perfecting your skincare routine.


3. Garnier Color Match


Perhaps you’re looking to dye your hair, but you’re not sure which color will suit you? In this case, you can use the Garnier Color Match app. With this application, you can virtually test out different hair colors. Simply use the shade finder to search for the color you're looking for, and then browse a range of appropriate products. You can save your favorite hair selfies and share them with your friends to get a second opinion!


4. Loreal Paris Virtual Make-Up


With the Loreal Paris Virtual Make-Up, simply upload a photo of yourself and start playing around with virtual-make up styles. It’s simple to practice different looks with ease. When you’ve found the perfect look for you, you can use the photograph as a reference to apply it for real. Whether you’ve got a special occasion planned or simply looking to have some fun, this app has got all you need!


5. Shred 


Looking and feeling beautiful is about taking care of your mind and body both. With the right exercise regime, you’ll improve your physical fitness and tone up in no time. Shred is an excellent app for workouts or weight loss. The application offers plenty of bodyweight and gym workouts to help you get into shape. Whether you’re a workout newbie or a gym pro, there are plenty of sessions to suit all levels. With the gym training sessions, you can focus on many different themes, including athlete, cross-shred, tone, or bulk. The bodyweight training sessions offer options for dumbbell workouts, kettlebell workouts, lean-x workouts, and more. For a few alternative weight-loss options, take a look at this resource.