About Me

Hey Beauty Bees,

My name is Linda. I am a 25 year old aspiring journalist who decided to start a blog. Along with being a blogger, I am a wife, a college student and shopaholic with a hobby for all things beauty and fashion related. I have also had a love for writing ever since I was able to hold a pen. This blog is a place where I get to combine my love for writing with my other many interests!

Boston Beauty Buzz was founded in 2014  - after many years of reading blogs and watching my favorite Youtubers. 

Boston Beauty Buzz is where I like to chat about my favorite beauty products, fashion trends, lifestyle topics and other random little bits of knowledge I can share with you all. This is also a place where I like to review new products that I try out in a series called Beauty Buzz Trials!

The best way to find out more about me is simply to read my posts! 

Thank you so much for visiting me and enjoy reading my corner of the internet at Boston Beauty Buzz :)


  1. Hi Linda,
    Great name for your blog, it's so bright and friendly looking.
    I look forward to having a good read through.

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