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Hey Beauty Bees,

Through reviews and affiliations, I have had the privilege of working with many unique and amazing companies. Here is a list of companies and my past posts I have done for them. (If you are interested in me doing a review for your brand and want to be included in this list, send an email to:

Reviews (Alphabetical Oder)

2B Colours Cosmetics 

My Rating Scale 

When reviewing products, I rate them on a 1 to 5 Bees rating scale. Here is what each one means:
5 Bees: Amazing, I LOVED it! Couldn't find anything wrong.
4.5 Bees: A really great item! Close to being amazing.
Bees: A great item!
3.5 Bees: Above average, but not exactly great
2.5 Bees: Below average
BeesNot good and probably pretty bad
1.5 Bees: Very Bad
1 Bees: Horrible 
0.5 Bees: The worst i've tried! Don't buy this product!

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